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The white paper "Get started with Data-Driven, Intelligent Apps with SQL Server" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

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  • [eBook] The Rise of Human-to-Machine Interfaces

    There are many factors contributing to the current resurgence of voice and speech technology including lower costs, AI innovations, increased accuracy, and customizable speech models. Find out why voice will be the future human-to-machine interface.

  • [Report] The State of Edge Messaging Infrastructure

    Ably surveyed over 500 engineering leaders to understand the challenges they faced when building their own realtime, event-driven, edge messaging infrastructure in order to create shared live experiences for end users, such as chat, order delivery tracking, document collaboration. View the results.

  • API Security for the Modern Enterprise

    This eBook covers the most critical aspects of securing APIs and microservices, managing identities, and utilizing standards like OAuth 2, OpenID Connect, and SCIM. Download Now.

  • Architecting for Scale [Two Free Chapters] - Download Now (By O'Reilly)

    Learn techniques for building systems that can handle huge quantities of traffic, data, and demand—without affecting the quality your customers expect. Architects, managers, directors in engineering and operations organizations will learn how to build applications at scale that run more smoothly.

  • The Engineering Leader's Guide to Empowering Excellence with Data

    Focusing on four key areas—removing blockers, minimizing micromanagement, personalizing coaching, and fostering a culture of psychological safety—this ebook will help you gain actionable insights from data, rather than gut feelings, to achieve a developer-focused work environment.

  • Kubernetes Best Practices (By O'Reilly) - Download Now

    This eBook provides the guidance and tools you need to successfully build and manage applications on Kubernetes, as well as empowering IT administrators and developers to standardize deployments, increase the availability of their applications, and streamline maintenance operations.