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Microservice Databases: Migrating from Relational Monolith to Distributed Data (By O'Reilly)

Code is easy, State is hard. Learning how to deal with your monolithic relational databases in a microservices structure is key to keeping pace in a quickly changing workplace. There are many approaches and in this book, author Edson Yanaga, takes you through nine different strategies for integrating data from your monolithic application to a microservice architecture.

In this O’Reilly book learn how:

  • zero downtime migrations allow you to deploy new code without disrupting user activity
  • you can evolve your relational database by keeping specific versions of application code and database schemas in the same code repository
  • CRUD pattern and CQRS works and the differences between them—including the consistency models involved in distributed systems
  • to distribute and integrate your relational database into Microservices