The white paper "Microservice Databases: Migrating from Relational Monolith to Distributed Data (By O'Reilly)" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

Additional content from our sponsors:

  • MongoDB: The Definitive Guide to Backup and Recovery

    This white paper provides insight to why MongoDB databases have become widely adopted, the requirement for backup and recovery for MongoDB and recommendations on how best to address this data protection challenge.

  • Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes (By O’Reilly)

    This full, complete O’Reilly book shows developers and operations staff how to apply industry-standard DevOps practices to Kubernetes in a cloud-native context. Learn how to build, deploy, and scale modern applications in the cloud.

  • The Architecture of a Real-Time Operational DBMS

    Years ago, Aerospike’s engineering team set out to build a distributed database system that handles real-time workloads smoothly and provides a high level of fault tolerance. Learn how they built a high-performance, distributed database to handle the needs of today’s interactive online services.

  • The 2019 State of Database DevOps

    Download the latest survey to discover a wealth of facts including: the main drivers for automating the delivery of database changes; the impact Database DevOps has on regulatory and compliance requirements; how organizations are increasingly adopting Database DevOps.

  • Keep Calm and Authenticate: Why Adaptive is the Next Best Thing

    This white paper explores the pros and cons of various approaches to authentication, and why we need a better mechanism – such as adaptive authentication - to ensure great user experiences without compromising on security.

  • Manual Monitoring Bad! Automatic Monitoring Good!

    In the race to keep software delivery up to pace with user expectations, manual monitoring puts all that at risk. The more your applications change, the more you must automate.


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