The white paper "High Performance Architecture for the Internet of Things" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

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  • Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes (By O’Reilly)

    This full, complete O’Reilly book shows developers and operations staff how to apply industry-standard DevOps practices to Kubernetes in a cloud-native context. Learn how to build, deploy, and scale modern applications in the cloud.

  • Understanding Experimentation Platforms (By O’Reilly) - Download Now

    Using examples from Google, LinkedIn, and others, this book shows you how to build a scalable experimentation platform for conducting full-stack, comprehensive, and continuous tests. Learn practical tips on best practices and common pitfalls you’re likely to face along the way. Download Now.

  • From Docker to Kubernetes: Container Networking 101 (By O’Reilly)

    This free O’Reilly ebook excerpt provides developers, site reliability engineers, and software architects with a look at container networking, container orchestration, and service discovery, and shares several solutions. It also covers the capabilities of many open source tools, including Kubernetes

  • NoSQL Performance Benchmark: Comparing Graph Databases

    This benchmark examines the data loading and query performance of TigerGraph, Neo4j, Amazon Neptune, JanusGraph, and ArangoDB. The benchmark tests include storage size of loaded data, data loading time, query response time for K-hop path neighbor discovery, and more.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cookbook – Download Now

    This technical overview describes the deployment and configuration of Rubrik Datos IO - a software-defined data management control plane - in AWS to backup and recover MongoDB clusters running in AWS. Download Now.

  • Microservices with Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes

    Microservices are a great way for organizations to modernize application architecture. Technologies such as containers and Kubernetes are emerging to facilitate the adoption and management of microservices. Learn why Redis Enterprise is uniquely suited to a microservices application environment.


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