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InfoQ Homepage [eBook] The Practical Guide to Successful Data Mesh Implementations

[eBook] The Practical Guide to Successful Data Mesh Implementations

Company: AgileLab

Successful companies require complex data strategies that go beyond making data more accessible, (e.g. adding virtualization layers to provide unified access like in the Data Fabric model) -- instead, they need to embrace dynamic, lean, and solid organizational models, based on:

  • Decentralization and distribution of data ownership
  • Computational automated and federated governance
  • Flexibility, and scalability in the data infrastructure
  • Accessible, trustful, discoverable, and easily consumable data assets

The Data Mesh paradigm is rooted in addressing and resolving these issues.

While organizations see the value and potential of Data Mesh, many struggle to overcome common obstacles that slow down time to value or even derail the project. This guide describes the common challenges and underlying causes to streamline the implementation and adoption process, so organizations can minimize risks and realize the value of Data Mesh.