InfoQ Homepage Building Modern Microservices with Micronaut – A Complete Guide

Building Modern Microservices with Micronaut – A Complete Guide

Company: Object Computing

Micronaut is a JVM framework for building scalable, performant applications using Java, Groovy or Kotlin.

It provides (among many other things) all of the following:

  • An efficient compile-time dependency-injection container
  • A reactive HTTP server & client based on Netty
  • A suite of cloud-native features to boost developer productivity when building microservice systems.

The framework takes inspiration from Spring and Grails, offering a familiar development workflow, but with minimal startup time and memory usage. As a result, Micronaut can be used in scenarios that would not be feasible with traditional MVC frameworks, including Android applications, serverless functions, IOT deployments, and CLI applications.

Download this guide and learn how to build fast, lightweight microservices and serverless apps with the Micronaut Framework.


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