The white paper "Hardware Guide: Enterprise Managed USB Hubs" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

Additional content from our sponsors:

  • The Forrester Wave: Software Composition Analysis 2019

    Forrester states that one in eight open source component downloads contained a known security vulnerability and security pros now have less time to identify and remediate them. This report shows how 10 providers measure up and helps security professionals select the right vendor for their needs.

  • What Every Programmer Should Know about Memory Allocation

    Memory allocators are a critical part of the run-time system for languages such as C++. This talk introduces the current industry standard memory allocators (general-purpose and specialized), categories of memory allocators, and sheds some light into their design and implementation.

  • Advanced Linux Commands

    In this cheat sheet, author Maxim Burgerhout, uses the development of a LAMP application as an example and provides commands to: Get started developing a web application on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, set up a SELinux boolean, run a program in the background in your shell,, use Java instead of PHP.

  • Become a Kubernetes Master – Download the Cheat Sheet

    Kubernetes is an open-source platform for automating deployment, scaling and operations of application containers across clusters of hosts. Download this Kubernetes cheat sheet to learn how to install Minikube, run locally on Minikube, install Kubectl, and use the Kubectl CLI.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Open Source Security

    This technical paper breaks down the risks posed by vulnerable open source components, how vulnerabilities are discovered and reported and how to address issues with technologies for more efficient remediation.

  • Abusing Your C++ Memory Model for Fun and Profit

    The most efficient concurrent C++ data structures used in the wild today usually achieve break-neck performance by either constraining their workload or constraining correctness to a particular memory model. This talk explores the foundational concepts underlying your hardware’s memory model.


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