The white paper "J2EE Application Performance Management - Key Development and Deployment Considerations" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

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  • Serverless Security Explained

    Working with AWS or Azure has plenty of security advantages, but your organization still needs to take basic precautions to work securely with serverless. Here are top five items that you should be considering when it comes to managing your organization’s serverless security practices.

  • Mobile APM: The Catalyst for User Experience Management

    In this e-book, you will learn: the current nature of the mobile app market, how stability and performance plays a crucial role in user retention, how mobile APM can aid in monitoring and improving user experience.

  • Nine Experimentation Best Practices

    Even with a solid foundation of feature flagging in your organization, missteps in these areas can yield flawed results. Consider these nine best practices for experimentation.

  • Top 5 Container Security Tools You Should Already Be Using

    This article explores some of the ups and downs that we may face in working with containers from a security perspective and examines some of the container security tools that may help us mitigate these potential threats.

  • Effective Feature Management – Download the eBook (By O’Reilly)

    This practical ebook explains how feature flags enable you to decouple feature rollout from code deployment, so you can control who sees what, and when—independent of release.

  • 6 Popular Alternatives to Slack

    While Slack can help certain companies work more efficiently, many organizations that operate in heavily regulated industries or have strict security & compliance requirements need a high-trust option. Here are six popular Slack alternatives that deliver more control over team communication.


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