InfoQ Homepage Architecting for Reactive Microservices - an O'Reilly book pack. Download now.

Architecting for Reactive Microservices - an O'Reilly book pack. Download now.

Company: Lightbend

Cloud native applications require a Reactive Architecture to build self-healing microservices that are resilient to failure, scale effortlessly, and instantaneously aggregate data intelligence. However, one microservice is no microservice—they come in systems. It's in between services that the most interesting and challenging things take place.

In these concise O'Reilly reports, Jonas Bonér, co-author of the Reactive Manifesto and creator of Akka, provides architects and technology leaders with business-critical principles and strategies they should use when building systems of self-healing microservices for cloud native applications.

In Reactive Microservices Architecture: Design Principles For Distributed Systems, Bonér explores microservices from first principles in its true context: distributed systems.

  • Examine the essential traits of an individual reactive microservice
  • Shift the focus from domain objects to events in domain-driven design
  • Manage the hard part of microservice design: the space between individual services

Building on these principles, Bonér provides a step-by-step approach to refactor your traditional monoliths into cloud native systems of microservices in Reactive Microsystems: The Evolution of Microservices at Scale.

  • Understand refactoring tradeoffs for modernizing existing monoliths
  • Examine why microservices need to own their state, exclusively
  • Make services work together, collaboratively, as a system

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