InfoQ Homepage Where Did the Time Go? The Engineering Leader’s Guide to Improving Cycle Time

Where Did the Time Go? The Engineering Leader’s Guide to Improving Cycle Time

Company: Code Climate

"The Engineering Leader’s Guide to Cycle Time discusses how software teams can improve their own processes to be more effective. Bryan Helmkamp takes on a traditionally touchy subject of metrics for developers with real world examples and case studies. This book comes highly recommended from software managers who have succeeded in helping their teams see their work out in the world quicker—and at high quality." - Edith Harbaugh, CEO and Co-founder of LaunchDarkly

"If you don’t innovate quickly, your competitors will. This book is filled with tactics to continuously ship and stay ahead." - Chad Dickerson, former CTO and CEO of Etsy

"Experienced managers will find in this book quantitative measures that support and explain what they know through intuition gathered from years on the job. Those earlier in their career will find a set of best practices that will lead to increased productivity, faster ship cycles, more reliable product delivery and, quite possibly, a happier work environment."

"It can be very challenging to understand, measure, and improve Cycle Time. This book does a great job of explaining it at a high level and yet with enough detail so that you can take immediate action." - Tomas Becklin, VP of Engineering at Dronebase

"As Engineering organizations grow, so does the complexity of fast and reliable software delivery. Don't learn by making your own mistakes, this book tells you exactly what to measure, why it matters, and how to fix it." - Ishan Agrawal, VP Engineering at Funding Societies


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