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The white paper "Effective Feature Management – Download the eBook (By O’Reilly)" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

Additional content from our sponsors:

  • Observability won't replace monitoring (because it shouldn't)

    Ben Sigelman unpacks the concepts of monitoring and observability to provide a better framework for understanding the role and limitations of monitoring, the laws of nature governing observability datastores, and how changes should serve as the guideposts for most observability explorations.

  • Getting Started with Feature Flags in Java with Togglz and LaunchDarkly

    Learn how to implement feature flags with Togglz and LaunchDarkly: Togglz is an extensible Java library, and LaunchDarkly is a cloud-based feature management platform. Discover how to implement some common feature flagging use cases with each of them along with the pros and cons of each tool.

  • Kubernetes API Access Security Hardening

    Learn how to implement strong authentication & authorization in your Kubernetes (K8s). Even if you use managed K8s services like AWS EKS or GCP Kubernetes engine, this guide will help you understand how access control works internally, helping you plan better for overall K8s security.

  • Applying a Zero Trust Model to Microservices

    This eBook outlines key concepts for evolving your security approach to address cloud-native, microservices-based environments. Learn how to apply a zero trust model to microservices, how cloud-native application patterns - such as Envoy Proxy - can enable zero trust security, and more.

  • Why tracing might replace (almost) all logging

    This is a guide about why tracing will gradually replace most logging, at least where distributed or cloud-native architectures are concerned. You'll also learn the importance of structured logging, how logs can hinder instrumenting a microservice, and the right way to solve the logging problem.

  • The Business Bottleneck – Download the eBook (By O’Reilly)

    Michael Coté shows businesspeople how to accelerate their company's digital transformation. Software is at the center of how tech businesses operate & how customers interact with them. As per this report, becoming a tech company isn't primarily a tech issue - it's become a business problem.