The white paper "Knative Cookbook (By O’Reilly): Building Effective Serverless Applications with Kubernetes and OpenShift – Download Now" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

Additional content from our sponsors:

  • Enabling Speed, Mitigating Risk - The Crucial Role of the Modern Data Platform

    Success in the digital economy depends upon speed — on how quickly you’re able to build, deploy, and iterate your applications and, with them, your business models. Choosing the right data platform enables organizations to do both — to move quickly while managing and mitigating risks. Download Now.

  • 5 Reasons You Want an Out-of-the-Box Identity Service

    With a secure identity service, developers are freed up to spend more time on core functionality and less time on security. Plus, it’s easier to launch applications that are secure out of the box. Customers can have seamless experiences, they engage more, and your project realizes greater ROI.

  • IDC Innovators: Multicloud Networking

    Multicloud networking has become the new normal as enterprises have migrated applications to public IaaS clouds and SaaS environments. Download this report to find out why Volterra was chosen as one of the premier platforms addressing the rise of multicloud architectures and cloud-native apps.

  • Dataiku for Architects

    Learn how to get started with Dataiku, an end-to-end machine learning and advanced analytics platform that integrates with your existing ecosystem (on-premises and cloud) to provide full orchestration of scalable Enterprise AI.

  • The Fallacy of Move Fast and Break Things (On-Demand QCon+ Presentation) - Watch Now

    This talk explores what processes can be put in place to reduce MTTR such as scheduling chaos or game days to practice what to do when things go wrong, setting up the right monitoring strategy, testing in production, and more. Watch Now.

  • O'Reilly: Architecting for Scale (Two Free Chapter Excerpts) - Download Now

    Learn techniques for building systems that can handle huge quantities of traffic, data, and demand—without affecting the quality your customers expect. Architects, managers, directors in engineering and operations organizations will learn how to build applications at scale that run more smoothly.


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