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  • Top 5 Git Security Mistakes

    Despite its widespread use, many are still making critical security mistakes in how they use Git. We have compiled a list of the top 5 Git security mistakes along with some suggestions on how to keep your code and Git repos secure.

  • 5 Signs Your Cache + Database Architecture May Be Obsolete

    Download white paper to learn about the five signs of obsolescence for a cache first database architecture and how a hybrid memory database can help you reduce your TCO by at least 5x, operate with unprecedented reliability, and establish and maintain your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

  • Serverless Security Explained

    Working with AWS or Azure has plenty of security advantages, but your organization still needs to take basic precautions to work securely with serverless. Here are top five items that you should be considering when it comes to managing your organization’s serverless security practices.

  • Free Scrum Master Learning Path

    This learning path is organized around a set of Professional Scrum Competencies in key focus areas such as, developing people and teams, managing products with agility, developing and delivering products professionally, and more. Take your Scrum skills to the next level with this learning path.

  • Feature Flag Best Practices (By O’Reilly) - Download the eBook

    With this practical book, developers will learn eight best practices for using feature flags in production, including how to configure and manage a growing set of feature flags within your product, maintain them over time, manage infrastructure migrations, and more. Download the eBook.

  • Data Modeling in Apache Cassandra: Five Steps to an Awesome Data Model

    In this white paper, you’ll get a detailed, straightforward, five-step approach to creating the right data model right out of the gate — from mapping workflows, to practicing query-first design thinking, to using Cassandra data types effectively. Download Now.


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