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InfoQ Homepage [eBook] MQTT Essentials: A Comprehensive Guide to MQTT Protocol

[eBook] MQTT Essentials: A Comprehensive Guide to MQTT Protocol

Company: HiveMQ

The MQTT protocol is the de-facto standard for IoT messaging. Today, MQTT is used by many companies to connect millions of devices to the Internet because it provides game-changing benefits that other IoT protocols do not offer. To name a few, here’re a few reasons why forward-thinking companies, across several industries, opt to use MQTT over any other protocol:

  • Requires minimal resources since it is lightweight and efficient
  • Supports bi-directional messaging between device and cloud
  • Can scale to millions of connected devices
  • Supports reliable message delivery through 3 QoS levels
  • Works well over unreliable networks
  • Security enabled, so it works with TLS and common authentication protocols

Implementing this protocol is easy. However, to make complete use of it, you need to know the nitty-gritty of it. This eBook is a comprehensive guide to MQTT 3 and MQTT 5. Download this eBook to get all the information essential for you to easily understand the protocol without you reading the entire specification.