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The white paper "Cloud Data Security: How to Secure Access with Identity Federation" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

Additional content from our sponsors:

  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Study Guide

    This study guide goes in-depth on the topics you need to pass the CKAD exam from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Learn core principles of services and networking, and gain a thorough understanding of state persistence and volumes. Practice with real sample exercises.

  • 9 Things Your Database Must Do

    Download this eBook to learn how modern applications are reshaping the requirements for databases and changing the role of the DBA. You'll also explore the requirements for cloud-native architectures and tooling that make development easier.

  • Learn Kubernetes using Red Hat Developer Sandbox for OpenShift

    Built on Kubernetes, the Red Hat Developer Sandbox for OpenShift ("Sandbox") is a powerful platform for learning and experimenting with K8s. This activity takes you through the creation of an application using plain Kubernetes instead of OpenShift.

  • Benchmarking the Cloud: AWS vs. GCP vs. Azure

    The 2021 Cloud Report compares AWS, Azure, and GCP on benchmarks that reflect critical applications and workloads. Read the report to learn which cloud is the most cost efficient, how to evaluate performance tradeoffs, and how to assess the cost/benefit of disks and CPU processors.

  • SaaS Design Principles with Kubernetes

    Porting your on-prem product to SaaS poses a series of unique design challenges. The product is the same, but not how users interface with it. Learn how we deployed Teleport Cloud on Kubernetes, deliberately designing for maximizing security, minimizing resource consumption, and self-service.

  • What Does The JVM Garbage Collector Really Do? (Live Webinar Oct 21st, 2021) - Save Your Seat

    In this session, we'll explore how the memory system in the JVM works, both in terms of allocation of space and recovering it for use with new objects. There are many different algorithms for the GC, so we'll look at the most common and modern ones like C4, G1, Shenandoah and ZGC.