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The white paper "Managing Observability, Resilience, and Complexity within Distributed Systems - Download the InfoQ eMag" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

Additional content from our sponsors:

  • [eBook] The NGINX Real-Time API Handbook

    Download this eBook to learn why you need to deliver APIs in real time, all the details of NGINX's Real-Time API Reference Architecture, and the results of a performance benchmark of four API management solutions.

  • SSH Access Best Practices

    SSH is a powerful tool which often grants a lot of access to anyone using it to log into a server. This article examines a few different ways that you can easily improve the security of your SSH model without needing to deploy a new application or make any huge changes to user experience.

  • Teleport 6.0 Brings Identity-Aware Access to Databases Behind NAT

    If you have PostgreSQL databases running behind NAT in multiple environments, Teleport 6.0 - which adds support for PostgreSQL wire protocol - can help your users authenticate with their identities via SSO and multi-factor, list and see all PostgreSQL instances running behind NAT, and much more.

  • Modernising ITSM to achieve DevOps success

    Download this white paper to discover how you can combine strong ITSM frameworks like ITIL with modern tools that improve efficiency, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. You'll also learn tips to improve your service delivery and streamline your service desk using a lean approach.

  • [eBook] Real-Time APIs: Design, Operation, and Observation

    Download this free eMagazine from NGINX on effective planning, architecture, and deployment of APIs for reliable flexibility.

  • Detailed Review of JDK Implementations

    Journey through the history of the JDK and take a detailed look at the most popular JDK implementations and some important features for an application runtime. Learn more about OpenJDK, AdoptOpenJDK, Zulu, Java 7, Flight Recorder, Liberica, OpenWebStart, and Dragonwell.


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