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Comparing IBM WebSphere Application Server v8.5 - Liberty Profile with Apache Tomcat 7

This white paper aims to assist in making an informed decision when choosing between IBM WebSphere Application Server v8.5 - Liberty Profile and Apache Tomcat as an application serving environment. While both servers provide a specification-compliant servlet container, there are also significant differences that this paper will describe.


IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) V8.5 – Liberty Profile

The IBM WAS Liberty Profile facilitates the development and test of web, mobile and OSGi apps. Launch only the features your application needs dynamically with the fastest possible start-up; update the server without stops and restarts; restart in less than five seconds. Accelerate your development projects - Test-Drive the Liberty Profile.

IBM Worklight V5.0 Developer Edition

IBM Worklight provides an open, comprehensive and advanced mobile application platform for smartphones and tablets, helping organizations of all sizes to efficiently develop, connect, run and manage HTML5, hybrid and native applications. Create rich, cross-platform mobile apps with simplicity - Download Worklight.

IBM WebSphere MQ Telemetry

IBM WebSphere MQ Telemetry enables devices (e.g. Remote Sensors, Smart Meters, RFID tags) to be rapidly and easily connected with existing applications and services. Take advantage of WebSphere MQ Telemetry's lightweight implementation of the publish and subscribe messaging model, to connect mobile devices on the edge. Learn more here.

Private Cloud for Dummies

Many companies want to be able to have pools of computing resources based on a self-service model where the company owns and operates those resources.  With a private cloud model, these resources are standardized and automated.  Private Cloud for Dummies, IBM Limited Edition, helps put the private cloud model of computing into perspective for both business and technical leaders. Download you free copy today!


Mobile, HTML5 and the Cross-platform Promise

Maximiliano Firtman discusses the status of HTML5 and its browser support, introducing cross-platform app creation for the store, including hybrid apps with PhoneGap.


What are the Most Important and Mature Cross Platform Mobile Tools?

InfoQ is examining the importance and adoption level of cross platform mobile tools that aim to help developers deliver applications on a variety of platforms. Please vote and share your opinions.


Mobile Web Development with HTML5

Roy Clarkson and Josh Long discuss the mobile browsers, the hardware constraints, the existing simulators, emulators and JavaScript frameworks, and the HTML5 support for doing mobile development.


High Performance Mobile

Steve Souders discusses the importance of mobile performance, providing advice on creating more responsive mobile apps, and outlining the latest developments in analyzing mobile performance.


NYTimes: World Class Journalism Accessible on Every Device

Brian Murphy on NY Times mobile: the architecture, cloud computing influences on design, native, HTML5 and hybrid apps, tools and frameworks employed and how the apps evolved over time.


Is Enterprise Java Ready for Mobile and Cloud?

Mark Little reviews the hardware and software forces that led to today's ubiquitous computing marked by mobile and cloud computing, and its impact on Java and middleware in the enterprise.


Introduction to jQuery Mobile

Get an introduction to the jQuery Mobile framework. Learn the basics of the framework and how to write a functional mobile web application user interface. In this article, an example guides you through basic pages, navigation, toolbars, list views, form controls, and transition effects.


DevOps for mobile development

It's important for companies to think through not just the development of a mobile capability but also how they will deploy it and how they can ensure the continuity of the capabilities as these change over time. This article covers how DevOps (development & operations) can help address the issues of deploying different versions of apps to different devices.


Working with Worklight, Part 1: Getting started with your first Worklight application

With IBM® Worklight® V5, a leading Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), IBM expands its overall mobile capabilities across its product portfolio. This series of articles introduces the Worklight platform by showing how you can build mobile applications that leverage a variety of IBM products. Part 1 describes the process of setting up a Worklight development environment and creating a simple application that will be used as the basis for iterative development in subsequent articles.


Using IBM Worklight to develop cross-platform HTML5 video play hybrid applications

With the rush to extend enterprise access beyond computers to mobile devices, mobile hybrid apps are being used to take advantage of HTML5's cross-platform capabilities. Unfortunately, support for HTML5 falls short when it comes to cross-platform video play, particularly in hybrid apps running on the Android operating system. This article shows how you can work around those issues and enable video play by leveraging the mobile hybrid capabilities of IBM® Worklight.


Techniques for rapid mobile solution development

Enterprise mobile users' data access and sharing needs aren't being met by conventional content-management systems and file systems. Find out how the IBM CIO Lab Mobile Innovation team rapidly piloted an internal solution that enhances users' productivity by giving them easy, flexible file sharing across all their approved platforms.


Key features and capabilities of IBM Worklight to accelerate your mobile development

Worklight addresses all the requirements for mobile application developments and provides tools and efficiencies to help at every stage of the development and deployment process. This article offers an overview of IBM Worklight V5 with a checklist of some of the new and key features that will help you launch and achieve your mobile development objectives.