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The white paper "Key Concepts: Serverless Database Architecture" is no longer available on; However we invite you to explore the related content below.

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  • [eBook] The Rise of Human-to-Machine Interfaces

    There are many factors contributing to the current resurgence of voice and speech technology including lower costs, AI innovations, increased accuracy, and customizable speech models. Find out why voice will be the future human-to-machine interface.

  • [eBook] Application Modernization Patterns & Anti-Patterns

    This Intellyx eBook will explore four key consideration factors for modernizing applications, so we can observe and learn from the successes and mistakes of other organizations. An understanding of these patterns and anti-patterns can better align refactoring efforts with business goals.

  • [eBook] Extend Kafka to the Edge

    Discover the benefits of extending Kafka beyond your private network to the Internet with Ably. Learn how to distribute to millions of end-users with no infrastructure overhead, easily route and distribute Kafka data in a granular way, keep your Kafka data secure end-to-end, and more.

  • The State of Testing in DevOps

    This report is designed to take the pulse on testing in DevOps, connecting the testing and quality community to the latest in test automation, CI/CD adoption, and the customer experience. Download now.

  • 9 Best Practices for Release Management

    Learn about common release management feature flag use cases and how to deploy release management feature flags using Ring and Percentage deployment. You'll also learn about release management best practices across the software development lifecycle.

  • The Complete Guide to Shift-Left Testing

    As more teams adopt CI/CD, QA struggles to keep up with the number and frequency of tests. This guide provides practical steps to integrate automated testing into your software development workflow. Empower your teams to test early and often, while improving collaboration between QA and dev.