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InfoQ is written exclusively by software practitioners like yourself. Our goal is to share inspiring content from real-world use cases, best practices used by innovator and early adopter companies, and news on emerging trends.

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Writing for InfoQ you’ll uncover emerging software trends and practices in your domain. You’ll build valuable knowledge and connections with the people you admire. You’ll develop writing skills that can transform how you articulate new ideas whilst sharing what you’ve learned with a global community of over 1.5m senior software developers. Help developers like yourself adopt the right patterns and practices without the marketing noise.

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  • A software engineer, architect, or team lead with senior-level experience?
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  • Looking to grow your career and contribute to the software development community?
  • A curious explorer of new technologies and keep ahead of the latest software development trends?
  • Wanting to start writing or refine your current writing to build a portfolio of practical advice for your peers?
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InfoQ is a living community.

Here you will find mentoring, peer sharing, and an inclusive mindset to fuel your growth.

Learn directly from practitioners pushing the boundaries.

Who would you like to learn from? You'll have direct access to world-class peers and developer superstars who shape the future of software development. Ask the questions you want to find the answers to. Then share them with InfoQ readers to grow their knowledge. As a contributor to InfoQ, you'll get complimentary access to our international QCon software development conferences and online InfoQ Live event series. Connect with peers and leaders to fuel your growth.

I’ve always been amazed to see how approachable and community-minded almost every thought leader I’ve met has been. I always tell new editors not to be afraid to get in touch with people they look up to because we’re all peers, we’re all learning, the more we share the more we can all learn.

Manuel Pais

Co-author of the book Team Topologies; Former InfoQ DevOps Lead Editor.

Level up your expertise. Help senior developers like you.

By writing about your passion, you'll develop your thinking, showcase your developer skills, learn how to articulate new ideas in writing, emphasize actionable ideas, and grow your domain expertise. Writing for InfoQ will help you become the domain expert you want to be while inspiring senior developers worldwide.

Writing for InfoQ has opened many doors and increased career opportunities for me. On one hand, I was able to deeply engage experts and thought leaders to learn more about the topics I covered. On the other hand, I can disseminate my learnings to the wider tech community and understand how the technologies are used in the real world.

Vivian Hu

Director of Products @Second State; InfoQ DevOps Contributor

Build your portfolio. Grow your career.

Contribute new knowledge to a global community of senior software developers while developing your writing skills with support from a professional team. Establish your expertise with a portfolio on InfoQ and increase your visibility within the software community to open new opportunities.

Becoming an editor for InfoQ was one of the best decisions of my career. It has challenged me and helped me grow in so many ways. We'd love to have more people join our team.

Thomas Betts

Lead Editor, Software Architecture and Design @InfoQ; Laureate Application Architect

InfoQ is a learning community.

Here you will find valuable editorial support. From your first draft to your portfolio.

Are you a software practitioner with writing experience and would like to reach a specialized, global audience?

Or are you new to writing but know the value of this skill for growing your dev career? Bring your interest and let’s work together to help you write news, long-form articles, and Q&As that share the changes and innovations in enterprise software development. We will support you to become an InfoQ editor or author with:

An effective mentoring structure. Benefit from a 3-week async mentorship program for the InfoQ editor role.

Relevant, short tutorials for clear and structured news items

Actionable and professional feedback from your first news item draft

Deep review of long-format articles. High quality of your published piece

Supportive team who check-in on your progress and help you feel welcome

You can contribute to InfoQ in two key ways.

Write news on the latest developments in your domain each week.

InfoQ News Editors join a global team of 40+ software engineers, architects, and team leads who regularly contribute one news post per week (that's around 400 - 500 words long), as part of an editorial queue (Java, .NET, Web Development, AI, ML & Data Engineering, DevOps, Mobile & IoT, Cloud, Architecture). We pair you with an InfoQ mentor and a Journalism professor and support you to learn the InfoQ style, grow an author portfolio and connect with peers from your area of expertise. InfoQ News Editors attend our QCon software events with a press ticket and stay ahead of the adoption curve.

Learn more about the value of becoming an InfoQ News Editor. Let us know about your topics of interest and expertise by filling out our form or getting in touch at

Write long-form articles that share deep technical knowledge with your peers.

InfoQ long-form articles are timely, educational, and practical pieces (around 1500 - 4000 words in length). Through articles, we aim to share knowledge and innovation in professional software development and help people with actionable ideas.

If you want to contribute an article to InfoQ, we pair you with a technical reviewer and guide you from idea to published work. Read more about the benefits of contributing an article to InfoQ and get in touch at

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