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Início Apresentações Building a git reverse proxy in Go for Caddy

Building a git reverse proxy in Go for Caddy



When your core business depends on custom communication protocols, you may end up having to get your hands dirty and write custom system services. In this talk I’m going to show how we can leverage the modular Caddy HTTP server and implement a Git reverse proxy bundled in it. You may also learn a few things about Git internals you never had the chance to ask anyone about.


Developer at GitLab, long time user and Open Source contributor, has been developing for Web since 2006. Has worked with Java and PHP C# in the past but for many years been full-time Ruby developer. Loves clean-code, tests, metrics and proudly works from a data-driven perspective. Enjoys playing with new languages like Go and Elixir and also learning new natural languages.

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THE CONF was founded in 2017 as an annual conference to fill the gap of instituting an International-level event in Brazil, where all speakers present in English. That way we can finally have a body of presentations that anyone in the world can consume and a venue where anyone in the world can attend. The goal is to showcase what interesting new tech, such as Data Sciences, Brazilians are working on, and integrate nearby countries and the rest of the world in the future.

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09 abr 2018

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