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Início Apresentações C# 7, 8 and beyond: language features from design to release to IDE support

C# 7, 8 and beyond: language features from design to release to IDE support



With C# 7 just released and the design of C# 8 in progress, there is a lot going on in the C# community. In this session, we will take you on a whirlwind tour of C# 7, highlighting new and advanced features including pattern matching, tuples, local functions and more. We'll share insights into the language design process for C#, and some of the early thinking about potential features for C# 8.


Kevin is the development lead of the IDE Services team for Microsoft's Roslyn project. Kevin has worked on Developer Tools at Microsoft for 15 years (including the C# and VB IDEs), working on features like IntelliSense, Colorization and Refactoring. He has a degree in computer engineering from the University of Waterloo and is an active contributor to several open source projects.

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Entre 24 e 26 de abril, São Paulo recebeu a décima edição brasileira do QCon. Organizado pelo InfoQ Brasil e com palestras selecionadas por um comitê independente, esta edição contou com 3 keynotes, 81 palestras e 93 palestrantes, sendo 19 internacionais. Esse foi o QCon mais internacional do Brasil, o que levou o QCon São Paulo ao patamar dos maiores QCons mundiais.

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11 jul 2017