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Início Apresentações Game Battleplans - How a Ruby on Rails backend can be viable for a mobile real time strategy game?

Game Battleplans - How a Ruby on Rails backend can be viable for a mobile real time strategy game?



Battleplans is a real time strategy game for Android and iOS, but backed by an Ruby on Rails server. In this talk I will share my experience maintaining the backend of the game and some tricks that let a 3 servers only Ruby on Rails app become viable for a real-time strategy game that runs only on mobile devices.


I have years of experience working with a diversified amount of technologies like Ruby, JavaScript, Java, PHP, PLSQL, Infrastructure. Passing by companies like DTM and Codeminer42, I had the opportunity to work and learn with some of the most talented people from Brazil. Now working on a French-Canadian company, I see that we have much to teach and I try my most to share the experience I acquired.

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THE CONF was founded in 2017 as an annual conference to fill the gap of instituting an International-level event in Brazil, where all speakers present in English. That way we can finally have a body of presentations that anyone in the world can consume and a venue where anyone in the world can attend. The goal is to showcase what interesting new tech, such as Data Sciences, Brazilians are working on, and integrate nearby countries and the rest of the world in the future.

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28 mar 2018

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