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Início Apresentações Rust: Reach Further!

Rust: Reach Further!



This talk will cover some of the highlights of Rust's design, and show how Rust's type system not only supports different parallel styles but also encourages users to write code that is amenable to parallelization. I'll also talk a bit about some of the experiences of using Rust in production, as well as how to integrate Rust into existing projects written in different languages.


Nicholas Matsakis is a senior researcher at Mozilla research and a member of the Rust core team. He has been working on Rust since 2011 and did much of the initial work on its type system and other core features. He also spent several years at DataPower Technology, a startup since acquired by IBM, working on the JIT compiler and networking runtime.

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Entre 09 e 11 de maio, São Paulo recebeu a décima primeira edição brasileira do QCon. Organizado pelo InfoQ Brasil e com palestras selecionadas por um comitê independente, esta edição contou com 3 keynotes, 86 palestras e 92 palestrantes.

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05 abr 2019

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