Best Practices For HTTP API Evolvability

by Dilip Krishnan on  Jan 18, 2012

As the title suggests, in Best Practices For HTTP API Evolvability, Benjamin Carlyle, set out to define priciples and practices for designing systems, that are built around HTTP API’s. Systems, that are extensible and can evolve over time.

eBay Announces

by Dilip Krishnan on  Nov 30, 2011 2

After a teaser with clues last week, Subbu and the engineering team at eBay have unveiled, a SQL inspired dsl to enable frictionless composition of web API's with a SQL like syntax.

Analysis Of Web API Versioning Options

by Dilip Krishnan on  Nov 14, 2011 3

Refering to a questions over versioning conventions used OpenStack Api, Mark Nottingham provides an analysis of the various strategies for versioning Web API in the cloud.

ConcurrentDictionary, .NET 4.0’s New Thread-Safe Hashtable

by Jonathan Allen on  Jan 23, 2010 3

The ConcurrentDictionary is a cornerstone in .NET 4.0’s greatly increased emphasis on parallel and concurrent programming. But while vastly superior to what we have seen in the past, it isn’t a panacea and developers need to study its semantics carefully.

Interview and Book Excerpt: Jaroslav Tulach's Practical API Design

by Srini Penchikala on  Mar 29, 2009

Jaroslav Tulach's latest book Practical API Design covers the topics of API design in modern software applications, what factors make a good API, and how to go about implementing API frameworks. InfoQ spoke with Jaroslav about his new book. We are also making an excerpt from the book available for our readers.

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