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  • Interview with Rob Linton, author of “Amazon Web Services: Migrating your .NET Enterprise Application”

    by Boris Lublinsky on  Sep 01, 2011

    A new "Amazon Web Services : Migrating your .NET Enterprise Application" book by Rob Linton provides a deep insight into Amazon Web Services (AWS) covering a wide spectrum of topics from describing AWS components and their role in applications architecture to step-by-step instructions on setting and configuring each AWS component . InfoQ spoke with by Rob Linton about his book.

  • New Book: Building Applications in the Cloud

    by Roopesh Shenoy on  Aug 09, 2011

    Christopher Moyer has written a new book, “Building Applications in the Cloud: Concepts, Patterns, and Projects”. This book revolves around fundamental differences between the on-premise and cloud infrastructures, and architecture and design patterns that can be used to build and host scalable, reliable applications in the cloud.

  • Open Cloud Will Make Business SHINE

    by William El Kaim on  Nov 02, 2009 3

    William El Kaim describes an Open Cloud Model based on agile principles and driven by an independent user community to define it further. He provides a sketch of a potential Cloud Operating System. He also defines the SHINE principles for transforming IT into BT (Business Technology).

Will Cloud-based Multi-Enterprise Information Systems Replace Extranets?

Posted by Matthieu Hug on  Dec 19, 2008

After a brief introduction on Cloud Computing, Matthieu Hug, CEO of provides his insight on the architecture of Multi-Enterprise Information Systems. 4

Comparing the Cloud: EC2, Mosso, and GoGrid

Posted by Craig Wickesser on  Aug 04, 2008

Learn about the new user experience of cloud computing providers EC2, Mosso, and GoGrid and their differing feature sets. 6

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