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  • Using AWS Cloud Search

    by Boris Lublinsky on  Dec 11, 2012 1

    Many of today’s applications heavily rely on the search functionality. In this Article Boris Lublinsky explains how to build Java APIs for uploading data and implementing search for Amazon Cloud Search. Usage of these APIs can simplify embedding Amazon Cloud Search functionality into custom applications.

  • Implementing Pub/Sub based on AWS technologies

    by Boris Lublinsky on  Nov 27, 2012 1

    Publish Subscribe is an important component of many real life implementations. In this article Boris Lublinsky shows how to combene several of-the-shelf AWS components to build simple, yet flexible and powerful PubSub Service

  • Interview with Rob Linton, author of “Amazon Web Services: Migrating your .NET Enterprise Application”

    by Boris Lublinsky on  Sep 01, 2011

    A new "Amazon Web Services : Migrating your .NET Enterprise Application" book by Rob Linton provides a deep insight into Amazon Web Services (AWS) covering a wide spectrum of topics from describing AWS components and their role in applications architecture to step-by-step instructions on setting and configuring each AWS component . InfoQ spoke with by Rob Linton about his book.

New Book: Building Applications in the Cloud

Posted by Roopesh Shenoy on  Aug 09, 2011

Christopher Moyer has written a new book, which revolves around architecture and design patterns that can be used to build and host scalable, reliable applications in the cloud.

Open Cloud Will Make Business SHINE

Posted by William El Kaim on  Nov 02, 2009

William El Kaim describes an Open Cloud Model driven by an independent user community to define it further. He also defines the SHINE principles for transforming IT into BT (Business Technology). 3

Will Cloud-based Multi-Enterprise Information Systems Replace Extranets?

Posted by Matthieu Hug on  Dec 19, 2008

After a brief introduction on Cloud Computing, Matthieu Hug, CEO of provides his insight on the architecture of Multi-Enterprise Information Systems. 4

Comparing the Cloud: EC2, Mosso, and GoGrid

Posted by Craig Wickesser on  Aug 04, 2008

Learn about the new user experience of cloud computing providers EC2, Mosso, and GoGrid and their differing feature sets. 6

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