IBM Updates Cloud Strategy and Offerings

by Dave West on  Jun 17, 2009 1

IBM announces three new ways for businesses to utilize cloud computing: standardized services on the IBM cloud, private cloud services behind the firewall (managed by the business or IBM) and Cloud burst a way to seamless incorporate secure public clouds to accommodate "overflow" demand for services.

An Agile Approach to Code Reuse

by Chris Sims on  Apr 13, 2009 11

A recent discussion on the Extreme Programming Yahoo Group explored the apparent conflict between making software reusable and the XP practice of not writing code until it is needed. Ron Jeffries and others shared insights about the costs and benefits of code reuse, as well as how and when to do it in an agile environment.

Succession, an Agile Approach to Evolving Architecture

by Chris Sims on  Feb 02, 2009 4

Kent Beck wrote 'First One, Then Many' to explain the application of Succession to software design. Succession is a technique for evolving the architecture of a system from 'just enough for now' to what will eventually be needed. The example given is for a system that only needs to process one transaction today, but will eventually need to process many.

Agile For Embedded Systems

by Mike Bria on  Jan 14, 2009 1

Some might say that agile development and embedded software (ie. "software supporting a hardware device") do not mix well. Mark Levison has taken some time to assemble and writeup a resource reference of people, experiences, and advice that help to show otherwise.

Practicing Agility in Application Architecture

by Abel Avram on  Nov 21, 2008 5

Microsoft has published a How-To Design Using Agile Architecture guide under patterns & practices providing detailed guidelines to follow when architecting an application, the Agile way.

SOA Governance Revisited

by Boris Lublinsky on  Jun 01, 2008 2

Despite increased adoption, many of the SOA projects are still failing Things are often getting so bad that in a recent SOA was called "Dead on Arrival". One of the ways to improve this situation is proper SOA governance.

What Social Networks Are Teaching Us About Data Portability

by Steven Robbins on  May 22, 2008

As more social networking sites are popping up, the questions around the data they keep are rising. Data portability has become the watch phrase across the Web 2.0 world. Is there something to be learned about data access and portability from these services?

Lessons for the Agile Community from 8aweek

by Kurt Christensen on  Apr 22, 2008 3

InfoQ recently had the opportunity to ask 8aweek co-founders Dave Fowler and Zachary Garbow some questions about how they connect with users, prioritize work, and get things done.

MomentumSI Releases new SOA Framework

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Mar 04, 2008

MomentumSI released yesterday its SOA Framework -Harmony. It contains 5 perspectives which include Lifecycle, Governance, Technology, Maturity Model and Information Model. A SOA Framework is typically used to structure the organization, processes, activities, metadata... deployed for service construction.

Pragmatic is the new black - Reality Driven Development

by Gavin Terrill on  Feb 28, 2008 1

Taking an empirical approach, Reality Driven Development promotes the idea of rigorous experimentation as a way to improve the user experience and technical qualities of software development.

Are You An Agile Architect?

by Ben Hughes and Mark Levison on  Jan 31, 2008

Vikas Hazrati recently posted an article on Agile Journal, defining his ideal characteristics of an Architect working in an Agile team, reflecting how the role of Architect has changed in light of Agile practices.

Interview: Per Kroll on Agility and Discipline, RUP, Distributed Development

by Floyd Marinescu on  May 04, 2007

Per Kroll is a director at Rational Software Corporation, where he's responsible for the development and management of the Rational Unified Process. In this interview, Per shares insights from his book 'Agility and Discipline', Agile practices for distributed development, how RUP is changing to support teams that want to customize it, and RUP vs. Agile.

Jeff De Luca, on FDD: Modeling, Code Ownership, Choosing an Agile Method

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  May 02, 2007 2

In an interview with Stefan Roock, Jeff De Luca, who created and documented Feature Driven Development, discussed developing an overall model, code ownership, choosing an agile method, and more.

Reading List: Agility and Discipline Made Easy

by Alexandru Popescu on  Dec 07, 2006

It's always interesting to check out what's at the top of your colleagues' reading pile... This week, it's a selection from the reading list of InfoQ's architect and co-founder, Alexander Popescu. Alex thought so much of this book, he recommends it to all team participants.

Opinion: Time for an Agile Certification Program

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Sep 15, 2006 3

Pete Behrens, trainer and organizational Agility consultant, recently blogged about the contentious topic of certification. He noted that both Scrum and FDD have 2-day basic certification programs, while "XP has remained silent on the topic," and called on the Agile community to begin looking at a true Agile Certification Process.

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