• The Agile Organisation: Are You Ready for Revolution?

    by Helen Walton on  Jun 14, 2014 7

    In recent years there have been many attempts to offer the benefits of Agile to the whole organisation – not just development teams. Here, Helen Walton argues that becoming an Agile Organisation requires a radical revolution. The benefits are considerable, but few companies are truly prepared to take the plunge and instead focus on products and processes that ultimately disappoint.

  • Scrum Master Allocation: The Case for a Dedicated Scrum Master

    by Melinda Stelzer Jacobson on  Mar 17, 2014 4

    Sharing scrum masters across teams sounds like a great way to cut costs and stretch limited budgets in agile organizations. But you might not be saving as much as you think with this approach– you could even be losing money. Discover the true impact of timesharing your agile coaches, and learn about implications for your financial bottom line that you probably have not considered.

  • Coaching the CxO

    by Joost Mulders on  Mar 06, 2014 3

    Agile coaches are not unfamiliar in working with management roles such as project managers and team managers to facilitate changes on team level. But now they need to facilitate change on management level, which completely changes the scope of the agile coach. This article helps agile coaches to understand the context of their target audience and formulate a coaching message matching that context.

Building Innovative Organizations with Lean Thinking

Posted by Jeff Xiong on  Dec 03, 2013

For a modern IT company, innovation is equally critical to the company, its clients and its staff. Jeff discussed the important ingredients needed to create a culture of innovation in an organization.

Author Q&A and Book Excerpt: Directing the Agile Organisation

Posted by Shane Hastie on  Nov 29, 2013

Evan Leybourn has written a book titled Directing the Agile Organisation in which he presents ideas about using agile approaches to management and case studies on how it has been applied. 4

Scrum Master: Position or Role?

Posted by Brian Lawrence on  Nov 05, 2013

A Scrum delivery team needs a dedicated Scrum Master. But as the team matures, is this still the case? This article proposes alternatives for mature delivery teams. 4

What Managers Can Do To Support Agile Transformation

Posted by Nancy Y. Nee on  Jun 10, 2013

Agile requires a collaborative culture. To ensure a smooth transition to Agile, organisations need to consider a variety of factors such as servant leadership and the ability to embrace change. 1

Bridging the Management Gap

Posted by Tiago Garcez on  Apr 01, 2013

Resistance from management is recognized as a bottleneck in agile adoption. When will we reach the tipping point where organizations unshackle themselves from the limitations of command & control? 3

Why the Agile Project Manager is the Secret Sauce for Development Projects

Posted by Leonardo Abdala on  Dec 18, 2012

Is the Agile project manager the “secret sauce” for large software development projects? This case study looks at why this was the case for a recent project at a Fortune 50 company

Visualizing the Big Picture of your Agile Project

Posted by Kulawat Wongsaroj on  Dec 05, 2012

Agile is all about the whole team experience but once your project grows bigger teams start to get lost in pile of user stories. This article discusses various ideas to visualize this big picture. 1

Agile Performance Reviews

Posted by Ryan Hagan on  Nov 09, 2012

In an Agile business annual performance reviews seem old fashioned. Why would we wait one year to get feedback? Ryan Hagan offers a manageable, individual approach to reviews. 2

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