AIDE 2.0 Introduces Support for Native C/C++ Apps

by Abel Avram on  May 10, 2013 1

AIDE 2.0 adds support for C/C++, a new Design View, better UI and improved Git integration. AIDE is an Android IDE running on Android.

NuGet Improves Mono Support, Adds C++

by Jeff Martin on  May 07, 2013

NuGet's latest brings C++ support along with improved Linux and Mono compatibility. Nearly all developers using NuGet will find new features to simplify their development tasks.

Clang Completes C++11 Support

by Jeff Martin on  Apr 29, 2013

Developers looking to utilize all of the features of the C++11 standard can now look to the Clang compiler. The project has completed its effort to provide full support for C++11.

GCC 4.8 Completes Move to C++

by Jeff Martin on  Mar 28, 2013

GCC has become fully implemented in C++ in its new 4.8 release, but the improvements aren't solely internal. The compiler has increased support for C++11, Google's Go, and new compiler optimizations.

Study: Clojure, CoffeeScript and Haskell Are the Most Expressive General-purpose Languages

by Abel Avram on  Mar 28, 2013 12

According to a study, the most expressive general-purpose languages are Clojure, CoffeeScript and Haskell. The study uses LoC/commit as the measuring unit of expressiveness.

Microsoft Open Sources Kinect for Windows Samples

by Abel Avram on  Mar 13, 2013 1

Microsoft has recently open sourced on CodePlex 22 code samples under the Apache 2.0 license. The samples which are also included in the Kinect for Windows Toolkit show how to make use of various Kinect features: Audio, Basic Interactions, Colors, Depth, Face Tracing, Infrared, Slideshow Gestures, Speech, WPF, XNA, and others.

Casablanca's C++ SDK Whitelisted for Open Source

by Jeff Martin on  Mar 01, 2013 1

Microsoft's C++ REST SDK, codenamed Casablanca, has been open sourced under the Apache 2.0 license. Casablanca provides developers with a multiplatform way to write C++11 code that interacts with REST services.

Daniel Jebaraj on Succinctly ebooks

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Feb 15, 2013 4

Daniel Jebaraj shares with InfoQ the idea behind the launch of Succinctly series ebook and also shared the future roadmap.

A Look at LiveBindings for C++ and Delphi

by Jonathan Allen on  Jan 22, 2013

Binding expressions are not a new concept, XAML and Flex developers by them. But outside of C++/CX, which is only used for WinRT programming, it isn’t something that normally seen in native programming languages. Designed for both VCL and FireMonkey, LiveBindings are the exception to the rule.

Is C Still A Suitable Language Today?

by Abel Avram on  Jan 18, 2013 4

Damien Katz, Couchbase, believes that C is still a great language for back-end programming, while other developers argue that C has too many flaws, supporting C++ or Java, while others like neither.

Should Developers Start Learning C++?

by Jonathan Allen on  Dec 06, 2012 9

With the introduction of C++ 11 and C++ CX there has been a lot of renewed interest in the language. And a lot of developers, especially Windows developers, are wondering if they should set aside C# and Java in favor of it. John Sonmez argues no.

LLVM Proposes Adding Modules to C

by Alex Blewitt on  Nov 30, 2012

At the November LLVM developers meeting, Doug Gregor of Apple gave a presentation on adding modules to C. This provides a transitional approach to providing modules as a means to both speed up compilation time and to improve the amount of semantic information provided by libraries, which can be used to improve both IDEs and debugging.

Microsoft's New Compiler Increases C++11 Compliance

by Jeff Martin on  Nov 05, 2012

Microsoft has released a new CTP of its C++ compiler that provides new C++11 functionality, and announced the formation of the Standard C++ Foundation. This foundation is composed of several different organizations that all share the same goal of promoting and support C++.

Reintroducing Extension SDKs for Visual C++

by Jonathan Allen on  Nov 01, 2012

An under-reported feature of Visual Studio 2012 is the ability to create Extension SDKs for Visual C++. SDK development is analogous to creating assemblies in .NET or JARs in Java and is very important for Windows 8 application development.

How Visual Studio Improves C++ Performance

by Jeff Martin on  Nov 01, 2012

The optimizer in Visual Studio 2012 has nearly doubled in size as compared to previous versions. This matters to developers because now their C++ code can benefit from significant increases in execution speed after a recompile. Targeting the additional features of VS2012 can lead to even bigger performance gains.

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