Interview on Rust, a Systems Programming Language Developed by Mozilla

by Abel Avram on  Aug 03, 2012 3

Rust is a systems programming language developed by Mozilla and targeted at high performance applications. This post contains an interview with Graydon Hoare, Rust’s creator.

SQLite On WinRT, Metro, Windows 8 Mobile

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Jul 09, 2012

SQLite is now supported on Windows RT, Windows 8 Metro Apps and will be supported on Windows Phone 8 for local application storage.

Microsoft to C99 Developers: Use ISO C++

by Jeff Martin on  May 07, 2012 2

Developers have long requested C99 language support for Visual Studio. Microsoft's Herb Sutter indicates this will not be forthcoming with VS11 and proposes two solutions: using ISO C++ compliant code or switch to a competitor's compiler.

Modern C++ vs Managed Code: Performance vs Productivity

by Jeff Martin on  Apr 18, 2012 19

Herb Sutter and Miguel de Icaza have recently weighed in on the tradeoffs made by C++ and the managed code from .NET or Java. Does increasing programmer productivity require a reduction in the performance of compiled code?

A Native of Silverlight with Full Hardware Access

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 15, 2012 9

Silverlight for Embedded is not based on .NET; it is a native technology that is programmed with XAML and C++. But it isn’t Windows 8/WinRT either, as it has full access to the underlying hardware and Win32 APIs.

SQL Server Drivers for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 14, 2012 7

Microsoft has released SQL Server ODBC drivers for the 64 bit version of Linux. These drivers are intended for C and C++ developers using Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux 5 and Enterprise Linux 6.

MFC Update

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 13, 2012 6

Despite a recent emphasis on Windows 8 Metro, Microsoft has renewed its pledge to support MFC which they call “the most fully-featured library for building native desktop applications”. While there were no major features announced, a lot of effort was put in to bug fixes and general improvements.

HeadwaySoftware has added support for Doxygen and Understand in structure101 and restructure101

by Michael Stal on  Mar 08, 2012 9

HeadwaySoftware has recently added support for Doxygen and Understand for C and C++, Delphi and Python programmers in its tools structure101 and restructure101.

Microsoft Publishes C++ AMP Spec, Wants to Lower Barriers to Data-Parallelism

by Jeff Martin on  Feb 08, 2012 3

Hoping to make programming data-parallel hardware easier, Microsoft has published its open specification for C++ AMP. By building its implementation directly into Visual Studio 11 Microsoft seeks to improve access to the GPU for developers.

ESE Tookit: Use Windows' Internal High-Performance Data Store To Build Applications

by Jenni Konrad on  Jan 05, 2012 7

The ESE Toolkit provides C++ and C# class libraries that allow easier application development using the Windows Extensible Storage Engine (ESE), a high-performance data store built into Windows.

CXXI Brings Advanced C++ Interop To Mono

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Dec 20, 2011

CXXI, a new C++ Interop framework, allows easy interoperability between C# and C++ in Mono. Developers can, from C#, easily instantiate C++ objects, invoke C++ methods, subclass C++ classes, and more.

An Update on Google Native Client

by Abel Avram on  Dec 15, 2011

Beside C/C++, Google Native Client has added support for runtimes such as Mono, and a richer set of Pepper interfaces: accelerated 3D, full-screen, File IO, debugging, and others. New languages -Lua, TCL, OCaml- are being ported, and several major producers have ported their game engines or their games to NaCl.

Google Has Open Sourced Android 4.0

by Abel Avram on  Nov 15, 2011 5

Google has released the source code for Android Ice Cream Sandwich and a new Native Development Kit.

OpenSim 2.4 - Open Source Software for Modeling & Simulating Movement

by Michael Stal on  Nov 03, 2011

OpenSim represents a freely available open source software system for modeling and simulation of movement. The system is provided by NCSSR (National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research) which denotes a research department within Stanford University, California. The spectrum of possible application domains such as rehabilitation medicine, robotics, or games makes OpenSim interesting.

Designing Loosely Coupled Metro Applications with URIs

by Jonathan Allen on  Sep 15, 2011

Protocols allow applications to launch other applications using URIs much as you would launch a website. This allows you to build a collection of small work-flow centric applications that work together seamlessly.

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