7 Degrees of SOA Coupling

by Udi Dahan on  Dec 04, 2007 1

In a recent posting, ZapThink analyst Ron Schmelzer tackles the belief that a system is either loosely-coupled, or it isn’t. Although the importance of loose-coupling has been known for some time, the dialogue around this post has garnered some interesting discussion.

The Legal Boundaries Of Agile

by Ben Hughes on  Jun 28, 2007 3

Adopting Agile practices requires a shift in the organisation on many different levels, but can making such a change lead to serious trouble?

Article: SOA Governance: The Basics

by Stefan Tilkov on  Jun 11, 2007 1

In this article, MomentumSI's Ed Vazquez explains the basics of SOA governance, with an explicit focus on the need for a holistic SOA governance model and shared governance principles.

Identity Management and SOA

by Miko Matsumura on  Sep 27, 2006

SOA involves creating a platform of reusable networked services. One of the most commonly requested services is identity management, which can provide a single sign-on context for a host of services. This article was written by two identity management experts from Oracle.

Multi-Tenant Data Architecture

by Sean Alexander on  Jul 03, 2006 1

The 2nd installment in a series of articles for creating Software as a Service, "Multi-Tenant Data Architecture" is now available from the Microsoft Architecture Strategy Team on MSDN.

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