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  • DevOps @ Nokia Entertainment

    by John Clapham on  Jan 31, 2013

    DevOps@Nokia Entertainment is the first article of the “DevOps War Stories” series. Each month we hear what DevOps brings to a different organisation, we learn what worked and what didn’t, and chart the challenges faced during adoption.

  • Interview and Book Review: Continuous Delivery and DevOps - A Quickstart Guide

    by Manuel Pais on  Jan 26, 2013

    "Continuous Delivery and DevOps - A Quickstart Guide" is a good starting point for newbies as well as for those facing the challenge of changing organizations with complex release processes.

  • Is the Enterprise Ready for DevOps?

    by Manuel Pais on  Aug 01, 2012

    As the DevOps movement gains popularity enterprises have started to adopt its concepts and tools to manage large infrastructures and complex delivery processes. InfoQ asked some experienced DevOps adopters about the organizational and technical obstacles still ahead for the movement to step into the enterprise world.

An Interview with Rebecca Parsons - ThoughtWorks CTO

Posted by Shane Hastie on  Jun 19, 2012

Dr Rebecca Parsons is the Chief Technology Officer for ThoughtWorks, and a Director of the Agile Alliance. She discusses the trends in database technology, continuous design & delivery and Agile.

Test automation and Continuous Delivery

Posted by Ranjan D Sakalley on  Oct 21, 2011

This article shows how automating certain programmable aspects of a test suite can help software delivery. Covered are automated testing, costs per deployment, tests as documentation & manual testing. 6

Interview and Book Review: Continuous Delivery

Posted by Srini Penchikala on  Sep 06, 2011

InfoQ spoke with Jez Humble and David Farley, authors of "Continuous Delivery" book on the continuous delivery concept and how it can be used to deliver the software product more efficiently. 6

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