SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer No Longer Tied to Service Packs

by Jonathan Allen on  Jul 06, 2007

According to Paul Mestemaker, the SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer is no longer being tied to SQL Server Service Pack releases. This announcement is being made in conjunction with the first production release of the tool.

Sparse Columns Added to SQL Server 2008

by Jonathan Allen on  Jun 26, 2007

SQL Server 2008 has lifted the limit of 1024 columns per table with a new option called "sparse columns". While this seems like its excessive, some developers have been running up against this limit.

ActiveWarehouse, a New Step for Enterprise Ruby

by Sebastien Auvray on  Mar 28, 2007 4

ActiveWarehouse, is a significant new plugin that makes it easier to build data warehouses in Rails.

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