Architecture Life Span:Implications on Business and how to build more Long-lasting Architecture

by Sadek Drobi on  Sep 12, 2008

Introducing the concept of architectural shelf life, Dan Pritchett defines the average duration of an architectural life span. Stressing that failing to evolve the architecture at the end of its life span may have important business implications, he provides some advices that aim at facilitating architecture update with new technologies and patterns, thus making architectures last longer.

Improving Web Service Security: Guidance for WCF

by Hartmut Wilms on  Aug 08, 2008

Microsoft patterns and practices group has released a WCF Security Guide. The 689 pages compendium offers a general introduction to Web Service security fundamentals as well as in-depth knowledge about several security threads and appropriate counter-measures.

Respect Demeter's Law through Rails Plugin

by Sebastien Auvray on  Oct 25, 2007 2

The Law of Demeter or Principle of Least Knowledge is a design guideline for developing software. It's not rare to see common Rails practices violating it. Luke Redpath brings a way to remedy this by providing Demeter's revenge plugin.

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