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  • Introduction to MongoDB for Java, PHP and Python Developers

    by Rick Hightower on  May 22, 2012 2

    The NoSQL movement is here to stay. The need for reliable storage that can be easily queried and easily scalable without the pain of SQL schema migration is real. Developers want more agile systems. This article uses MongoDB to introduce NoSQL concepts. This article covers the basics of MongoDB architecture, caveats and programming in MongoDB for Java, PHP, and Python developers.

  • MongoDB, Java and Object Relational Mapping

    by Brian C. Dilley on  Apr 30, 2012 11

    Brian C. Dilley covers pitfalls, & strengths of using MongoDB ("a very approachable NoSQL solution"), and introduces MJORM. The MJORM project is an annotation free MongoDB Java ORM library. This article builds on Brian's real world in the trenches experience with MongoDB and includes "gotchas" like "Don't treat MongoDB like an RDBMS...", how to "design your indexes carefully", and more.

  • Omnipresent Synching and Availability with Mobile Couchbase

    by Michael Hunger on  May 24, 2011 1

    Omnipresent synchronisation will be easy with CouchDB not only hosted as server side database but also being embedded in mobile applications. Couchbase made the NOSQL Document Database available for the mobile platforms to enable developers to benefit from the replication and offline capabilities while using the convenient and uniform HTTP based protocol to interact with it locally or remotely.

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