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Writing a Technical Book

Posted by Eric Merritt, Martin Logan and Richard Carlsson  on  Oct 13, 2010

Eric Merritt, Martin Logan and Richard Carlsson share their story, the challenges and lessons learned along the way as first time book authors (“Erlang and OTP in Action”) from engaging into such a project, coming up with a TOC, reviews, production, print and working with the publisher throughout all the phases.

A Discussion of Basic vs. Applied Research in the Software Domain and the Creation of Erlang

Posted by Bjarne Däcker  on  Sep 17, 2010 1

Bjarne Däcker recounts the story of CSLab at Ericsson, the birthplace or Erlang, how it started, some of the projects leading to Erlang, and its eventual success inside Ericsson as Erlang/OTP.

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