Corona Improves Hadoop Scalability At Facebook

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Nov 15, 2012

Facebook has open sourced Corona, an in-house developed improvement to Hadoop MapReduce scheduling software.

Upcoming Features In ASP.NET

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Nov 08, 2012

Microsoft has been working on some interesting features after shipping ASP.NET 4.5. Some of these are available in the Fall 2012 Build preview. Scott Hanselman and Jon Galloway demoed a few of them, at a //build/ session "Bleeding Edge ASP.NET".

Facebook: “Betting on HTML5 Was a Mistake” – Technical Reasons and Reactions

by Abel Avram on  Sep 17, 2012 5

Facebook has decided to go native for mobile content instead of doing HTML5 as it was the plan for a couple of years. This article contains technical details behind FB’s move, and reactions from Xamarin and Mozilla.

World IPv6 Day

by Alex Blewitt on  Jun 06, 2012

Today is World IPv6 day, when large organisations will enable IPv6 resolution of their hosts will be enabled permanently. This follows on from last year's successful tests when IPv6 connectivity was enabled for a day.

Online Social Networks Face Litigation Risks

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Feb 06, 2012 11

Google, Facebook and other companies operating totally 21 Social Networking websites are facing criminal proceedings in an Indian Court, over objectionable content accessible through the websites. A High Court has warned that the sites can face a ban in India unless they screen content. Is the growing flux of regulations surrounding social media a risk for businesses investing in social?

REST API or Graph API? Can changing the name help?

by Mark Little on  Dec 25, 2011 2

Steve Jones, Global Head of Master Data Management at Capgemini and a SOA practitioner, thinks that Facebook's recent announcement about deprecating their REST API in favour of what they call a 'Graph API', is actually a good step for REST in that it may offer a way to cut through the "religious fundamentalism" that often surrounds it.

Interview with Spring Social Lead Craig Walls

by Alex Blewitt on  Sep 19, 2011

Following on from the recent release of Spring Social, InfoQ caught up with Craig Walls, lead of the project. The interview covered the current state of the project, as well as the community involvement since its release.

Multi-casting Messages to Twitter, Jabber, IRC, etc. with .NET and Ruby

by Jonathan Allen on  Jun 22, 2011

Customers use a wide variety of technologies for communication and expect the companies they deal with to do the same. This means the same message may need to be sent to a mailing list, a Twitter account, an IRC channel, and a Facebook page. To make this easier, developers can use the Broadcast library for Ruby or its .NET clone, nBroadcast.

OpenCompute and OpenStack Span Hardware and Software Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Solutions

by Jeevak Kasarkod on  Apr 17, 2011

A number of announcements around open hardware specifications and open source cloud infrastructure and platform software solutions by collaborators in the OpenStack initiative were made in the past 2 weeks. How does all of them stack up together?

What is a Cloud?

by Boris Lublinsky on  Apr 05, 2011 3

A new discussion on “Is Facebook a cloud?” uncovers that there still is no agreement between practitioners on what a cloud really is.

Facebook Architecture @ QCon Next Month: Infrastructure, HTML5, NoSQL, OO Design

by Floyd Marinescu on  Feb 08, 2011 1

Flying from Palo Alto to London, next month’s QCon will feature 4 of Facebook’s finest engineers presenting HTML5 @ Facebook, HBase @ Facebook , Design in the face of scale and change (a look at OO design within their platform), and Scaling the Social Graph: Infrastructure at Facebook. Such a gathering of Facebook speakers is an unprecedented event for the UK.

How Facebook Ships Code

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Jan 26, 2011 3

Facebook is probably the hottest company today, driving a very high level of interest and scrutiny. Despite a high level of secrecy, Yee Lee, a product manager at Skype, has assembled a large collection of notes detailing how code ships at Facebook.

First Spring Social Milestone to Integrate with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tripit

by Tim Cull on  Nov 08, 2010 7

Last week SpringSource released a first milestone for Spring Social, a Spring-based template for accessing Twitter, LinkedIn, Tripit and Facebook from within Java programs. Rather than exposing generic, URL-based APIs, the Spring Social APIs are designed specifically for each site and make integrating with those sites straight forward. InfoQ examines the new API as well as some alternatives.

BigPipe at Facebook: Optimizing Page Load Time

by Dave West on  Jul 16, 2010

Changhao Jiang, Research Scientist at Facebook, describes a technique, called BigPipe, that contributed to making the Facebook site, "twice as fast." BigPipe is one of several innovations, a "secret weapon," used to achieve the reported performance gains. Another innovation mentioned is architectural in nature, the structuring of Web pages as "pagelets."

Facebook on Hadoop, Hive, HBase, and A/B Testing

by Ron Bodkin on  Jul 14, 2010 1

The Hadoop Summit of 2010 included presentations from a number of large scale users of Hadoop and related technologies. Notably, Facebook presented a keynote and details information about their use of Hive for analytics. Mike Schroepfer, Facebook's VP of Engineering delivered a keynote describing the scale of their data processing with Hadoop.

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