CBDI-SAE Reference Framework Continues to Evolve

by Jeevak Kasarkod on  Nov 03, 2010

CBDI talks about the history and evolution of the CBDI-SAE reference framework in the September 2010 Journal Report. CBDI-SAE reference framework has evolved in the in the past few years by embracing Event Driven Architecture (EDA), Real time Business Intelligence (BI) and Cloud architectural patterns and process principles based on continuous improvement.

Architecture Analysis Tool SonarJ 6.0 Supports Structural Debt Index and Quality Model

by Srini Penchikala on  Aug 16, 2010 2

The latest version of software architecture analysis and quality governance tool SonarJ supports structural debt index and architecture quality model. The company behind the product, hello2morrow, last month announced the release of version 6.0 of the tool. The new release also includes sand-box testing and an updated version of Sonar plugin.

Unsolved SOA Mysteries

by Boris Lublinsky on  Jun 02, 2010

In his new post, eBIZQ’s Joe McKendrick discusses some of the mysteries surrounding SOA: the difference between SOA and cloud computing, how can SOA fail when nobody really has fully implemented it, how to measure SOA success, and others.

SOA Design: Is it about Contracts or Service Implementation?

by Boris Lublinsky on  Feb 10, 2010 2

A new Steve Jones’ post “Why contracts are more important than designs” discusses an important issue, service contracts, explaining why more time should be spent designing the services contracts.

What Is More Important: Run-time or Design-time SOA Governance?

by Boris Lublinsky on  Jan 27, 2010

The importance of SOA governance still remains the question of heated debate. The new spin on this is introduced by merging SOA with cloud computing. Several recent posts discuss this issue stressing the importance of governance, but shifting its focus from design-time to run-time

Does Effective SOA Governance Require a Registry and a Repository?

by Boris Lublinsky on  Dec 23, 2009 12

Everyone agrees that SOA governance is required for a successful SOA implementation. At the same time the question of whether Registry and/or Repository is required for a successful governance implementation is still subject to debate.

Practical Advice for SOA Implementers

by Boris Lublinsky on  Dec 16, 2009 4

In his new post, Ganesh Prasad tries to describe the most complex issues of an SOA implementation and provides recommendations on how to solve them.

Management Strategies For SOA

by Dilip Krishnan on  Oct 06, 2009

Mike Kavis, wrote an article for the SOA institute in which he characterizes the success of any SOA implementation into four factors people, process, technology, and business. He believes that a good management strategy is to create and communicate a roadmap that plots out key deliverables in each of these areas.

Retrospective of Retrospectives

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Sep 17, 2009 7

Once all your teams use Agile and are busy implementing local improvements, what happens to the larger organization formerly called "IT" or "Systems Development"? A coach with a large Agile program shared the strategy they designed to let the larger community spot trends and benefit from all this learning. Paulo Caroli calls it "Retrospective of Retrospectives".

New SOA Governance Framework and Service Integration Maturity Model at the Open Group

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Aug 29, 2009 1

The Open Group released last week two new industry standards: The Open Group Service Integration Maturity Model (OSIMM) and SOA Governance Framework.

The Open Group SOA Source Book

by Boris Lublinsky on  May 13, 2009

Last month the Open Group made available their SOA Source Book. They describe it as “a collection of source material produced by the SOA Working Group for use by enterprise architects working with Service-Oriented Architecture”

New Version Of Microsoft Managed Services Engine Released

by Dilip Krishnan on  May 06, 2009

Microsoft Released the May 2009 CTP of the Managed Services Engine (MSE) with source code that is available at Codeplex. The CTP is minor update to the February Beta release.

Cost Justifying an Agile Migration

by Shane Hastie on  May 05, 2009 1

Show me the money - cost justification of Agile migration is a thorny issue. Agile approaches are more successful, deliver value sooner and produce better quality products, but how do we prove it? This article discusses measurements and presents results that help to justify adopting Agile methods.

Book Review: Brown, Laird, Gee, Mitra: SOA Governance

by Boris Lublinsky on  Mar 23, 2009

InfoQ had the opportunity to review the new book “SOA Governance: Achieving and Sustaining Business and IT Agility” and interview its authors Clive Gee, William A. Brown, Robert G. Laird, Tilak Mitra.Topics covered include the role of reuse in SOA, SOA governance tooling, Business/IT alignment, etc.

Agile Governance: The Bridge Between Management and IT

by Vikas Hazrati on  Mar 20, 2009

Traditional project governance is used to describe the rules and processes that need to exist to ensure a successful project. At first glance the concept of governance and Agile seem to be incompatible however, most Agilists would agree that just enough governance might do more good than bad for the Agile project.

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