Agile Humour: A Wrap Up of April Fools Day 2012

by Craig Smith on  Apr 04, 2012

The Agile community has a great tradition of making fun of itself and April Fools Day 2012 was no exception. Here is a wrap up of some of the best gags from this year that you may have missed.

Is Agile Stifling Introverts?

by Todd Charron on  Mar 31, 2012 10

For years Agile has been encouraging teams to work together collaboratively in open spaces and encouraging developers to pair program, but lately these types of practices have been coming under fire.

The Lean Startup Frenzy

by Christopher Goldsbury on  Dec 29, 2011 5

Is the Lean Startup movement another fad or a real source of value creation? The implications of the latter are extreme. If Lean Startup is a real way to achieve consistent success in new ventures then Eric Ries may have cracked the code toward persistent venture success and ultimately: wealth creation.

Individual Yield

by Christopher Goldsbury on  Dec 28, 2011 6

Tony Wong, a project management blackbelt, enumerates some practical points on individual procutivity. This article wonders how well these apply to software development and contrasts his list with that of other lists.

One-Piece Continuous Flow - an alternative to Kanban?

by Anand Vishwanath on  Dec 13, 2011 5

Scrum community leader Jim Coplien proposes One Piece Continuous Flow as an alternative to Kanban. He believes that a cross functional team should work together as a single unit instead of sub teams waiting for work items to arrive from previous stages. Kanban practitioners find their framework to be more usable in an environment where cross-functional teams are not readily feasible.

Agility Meets Austerity

by Christopher Goldsbury on  Dec 06, 2011 3

As western governments struggle with difficult debt to GDP ratios, the UK is turning to innovation and agile practices to help create a more efficient and less risky IT project delivery framework.

Tackling the Agile Coaching Work/Life Imbalance

by Todd Charron on  Dec 02, 2011 2

Agile Coaching often involves travelling outside of a coaches home town to whereever the client may be located. As a result, coaches may feel like they are working all the time. Is there hope for a work/life balance?

A Conversation from the Trenches of Agility with David J Bland, Brad Murphy and Peter Saddington

by Christopher Goldsbury on  Nov 12, 2011

A Friday afternoon conversation with some noted agile practitioners covering the current state and future trends of the methodological universe and how these are playing out in the real world. Sit back, pop open a beer and enjoy the banter between some of the sharpest agile coaches on the market.

Is it Time to Stop Estimating User Stories?

by Todd Charron on  Oct 01, 2011 12

Most new Agile teams transition from hours based estimates to relative estimation using story points, but do we even need estimates at all?

Kanban Boards from Sys Admin to Sales

by Amr Elssamadisy on  May 25, 2011

Mattias Skarin, co-author of InfoQ's popular mini-book on Kanban and Scrum, shares a set of kanban boards that can be used to visually manage anything from system administration, to development teams with multiple clients, to sales.

Kanban in the Home

by Dan Puckett on  Apr 04, 2011 5

Practitioners are finding interesting applications of Kanban concepts in the home, far from the office and factory floor.

Myths of Kanban

by Dan Puckett on  Jan 24, 2011 6

How has the Lean development practice of Kanban been misunderstood? Learn to separate fact from fiction when it comes to Kanban.

Should We Move a Failed Story Back?

by Dan Puckett on  Dec 20, 2010 5

What should we do with a story on our task board when it fails testing?

Released: Aldon Agile Manager

by James Vastbinder on  Dec 08, 2010 3

Last week on December 1st Aldon released the Aldon Agile Manager and InfoQ spoke with Dan Magid, Chief Product Strategist of Aldon, about this new product. Agile Manager is a free agile project management tool meant to provide better planning, prioritization and collaboration.

Get Back To Work!

by Dan Puckett on  Nov 29, 2010 5

Hitting a kanban limit introduces slack into an organization by temporarily stopping the work that feeds into a bottleneck. So how can you convince management that introducing a kanban limit (i.e. stopping work) could actually be a good thing?

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