ASP.NET to Add Support for LESS and CoffeeScript

by Jonathan Allen on  Oct 05, 2012

The ASP.NET roadmap has been updated with their post-VS 2012 plans. The next set of features will focus on OData functionality and new/updated templates for MVC. Editor support for LESS and CoffeeScript is also in the works.

ASP.NET - Data Access Guidance

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Sep 20, 2012 8

Microsoft has published Data Access Guidance for ASP.NET 4.5. Most of the changes are related to new features in 4.5, such as those in Web Forms and the new ASP.NET Web API.

Microsoft Release New REST API Framework as Part of .NET 4.5

by Richard Seroter on  Aug 23, 2012 4

As part of the recent Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 launch, Microsoft formally unveiled its new web services framework called the ASP.NET Web API. Included as part of the ASP.NET MVC 4 offering, the open-source ASP.NET Web API is designed to simplify the development and consumption of RESTful services.

Make Your ASP.NET Web Apps Work On Mobile

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Jun 22, 2012

The View-switcher feature in ASP.NET MVC 4 makes it easier to make existing desktop-focussed web apps play nice on mobile devices. Scott Hanselman demoes how to use this feature and shares other tips.

.NET 4.5 Raises the Bar for Web Development Productivity

by Harry Brumleve on  Jun 06, 2012 1

With the release of .NET 4.5 nearing, Microsoft has started to pull back the curtain on the next version of their development platform. While there has been a lot of fanfare around Metro and Windows 8, the improvements made to the core features of .NET, which have traditionally focused on web, service, and data development, may steal the show in the short term.

ASP.NET Web API Now Uses Json.NET, Gets Several Enhancements

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Jun 05, 2012

ASP.NET Web API Release Candidate gets several enhancements such as Json.NET as the default serializer, better testability of Http Message handlers, the IAPIExplorer API and more.

Spring Mobile 1.0 Released

by Bienvenido David on  May 31, 2012

SpringSource has released Spring Mobile 1.0. Spring Mobile contains extensions to Spring MVC that helps with the development of mobile web applications.

Miguel de Icaza on ASP.NET MVC, Moonlight, and the Android Lawsuit

by Jonathan Allen on  May 29, 2012

We had a chance to catch-up with Miguel de Icaza, founder of the Mono project and it’s new parent company, Xamarin. Some of the topics we covered include the future of ASP.NET MVC on Mono and the end of the Moonlight project.

ASP.NET MVC Now Taking Contributions

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 28, 2012 3

Technically speaking, ASP.NET MVC has been open source all along. But as with most Microsoft projects it wasn’t “open development”, all work was done internally with occasionally drops. As of yesterday, that all changed. Everyone in the community is now able to contribute code and tests to ASP.NET MVC, Web Pages, and Web API.

ASP.NET MVC Testing Tips and Tricks

by Roopesh Shenoy on  Mar 20, 2012 3

There are several components in an ASP.NET MVC 3 web app – models, controllers, route-handlers, views, html-helpers, client-side code etc. Most of these can be unit-tested, others need integration tests, and several good practices can help you keep your tests more maintainable and avoid making them brittle.

GitHub Compromised by Mass Assignment Vulnerability

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 12, 2012 15

GitHub was recently compromised by a vulnerability in Ruby on Rails know as mass assignment. This vulnerability is thought to not only affect a large number of Ruby-based websites, but also those using ASP.NET MVC and other ORM-backed web frameworks.

Shared View Management for ASP.NET MVC

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 08, 2012 7

Michael Kennedy has released a small library designed to help ASP.NET MVC developers manage unwieldy Shared Views folders. This simple addition allows developers to use sub-folders for views.

A look at Visual Basic 11

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 06, 2012 5

Visual Basic 11 brings with it several new features including asynchronous functions and the long awaited iterators.

SharpDevelop 4.2: Now with Improved ASP.NET MVC 3 Support

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 01, 2012 5

While SharpDevelop had project templates for MVC 3 for several versions, until recently it has been missing a lot. Version 4.2, currently in beta, adds a few more pieces to the puzzle.

Single Page Applications in ASP.NET MVC 4

by Jonathan Allen on  Feb 24, 2012 2

The ASP.NET MVC 4 beta includes an experimental project for developing “single page applications”. Known as ASP.NET SPA, this project type is based on a stack of open source libraries and the MVVM pattern made popular by WPF and Silverlight.

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