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  • Aaron Erickson on LINQ and i4o

    by Jonathan Allen on  Jun 22, 2007 5

    Aaron Erickson introduces his new LINQ extension Indexes for Objects (i4o). Indexes for Objects allows for fast lookup against in-memory collections while retaining the LINQ syntax and semantics. He also discusses how expression trees interact with LINQ and how they can be leveraged in other scenarios.

  • Spring.NET - QnA

    by Aleksandar Seovic and Mark Pollack on  Nov 07, 2006 13

    InfoQ had a chance to sit down with Aleksandar Seovic and Mark Pollack the co-creaters of Spring.NET. Spring.NET is an application framework that brings AOP, a Dependency Injection container and data access framework to .NET. It is not a complete port of Spring to .NET yet it preserves the tenets of Spring.

  • Why Would a .NET Programmer Learn Ruby on Rails?

    by Stephen Chu on  Aug 11, 2006 28

    .NET developer Stephen Chu gives us some insight into his transition to Ruby on Rails programming. Quote: "By being loyal to one technology stack, I am bound to unconsciously make biased decisions, which will ultimately hinder my ability to deliver business value."

The HandleExternalEvent Activity in Windows Workflow

Posted by Scott Allen on  Jun 22, 2006

Scott Allen walks through the implementation of a HandleExternal Event Activity in Windows Workflow Foundation that is used to handle events raised by the process that is hosting the workflow runtime.

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