Jelastic 1.9 with FTP, NGINX caching, Apache TomEE and MariaDB 10

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Mar 11, 2013

Jelastic has announced the availability of version 1.9 with support for FTP/FTPS, NGINX caching, Apache TomEE and MariaDB 10.

Jelastic Adds PHP to Their Platform for Service Hosting Providers

by Abel Avram on  Feb 04, 2013

Besides Java, Jelastic has added PHP to their platform for service hosting providers. This article contains an interview with Dmitry Sotnikov, COO at Jelastic, with more inside information about their PaaS solution.

Facebook Now Uses HHVM/JIT both in Development and Production

by Abel Avram on  Nov 30, 2012

Facebook has announced using HHVM, a HipHop VM with JIT compilation, in production, a solution that has unified their development and deployment environments, providing significant performance gains for developers.

International PHP Conference and Web Tech Conference 2012

by Fabian Lange on  Oct 26, 2012

Overview of the largest gathering of the PHP and Web Community in Europe, which took place last week in Mainz, Germany.

WebMatrix 2: New Templates, Improved Intellisense, Windows Azure Integration

by Anand Narayanaswamy on  Oct 02, 2012

WebMatrix 2 is a free development tool developed by Microsoft that enables developers to create ASP.NET, PHP based applications easily. WebMatrix 2 includes new templates, improved intellisense with support for Windows Azure.

PHP Support for SQL Server LocalDb and SQL Server AlwaysOn Clusters

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 11, 2012 5

2012 marks the fifth year since Microsoft started courting PHP developers. The popular language can be found in everything from their entry level IDE WebMatrix to the high-end cloud platform Windows Azure. SQL Server is a major part of the overall initiative and they are making sure the PHP drivers take advantage of SQL Server 2012’s new features.

PHP 5.4 Drops Register Globals, Adds Traits

by Jonathan Allen on  Mar 09, 2012 7

PHP 5.4, the first major update since 2009, was finalized this month. This release includes several language enhancements including support for Traits as well as the removal of some controversial features.

Travis CI Announces Support for Java and Plans for Travis Pro

by Manuel Pais on  Feb 23, 2012 2

Travis CI, a cloud-based continuous integration (CI) offering for open source projects on Github, has announced support for Java builds, as well as Scala and Groovy additions. After gaining traction among the Ruby open source community the project is now looking into the possibility of expansion to a hosted CI service (nicknamed Travis Pro).

Caucho's Resin Application Server Grew by a Factor of Almost Ten Last Year According to Netcraft

by Charles Humble on  Feb 22, 2012 2

According to Netcraft Resin has been seeing strong growth in the last 12 months, seeing an almost tenfold growth from 480k hostnames in February 2011 to 4.7M in February 2012.

Phalanger Roundup

by Jonathan Allen on  Jan 27, 2012

Phalanger 3 is out with improved support for PHP namespaces, Mono/Linux, and C# interoperability.

Major Denial of Service Vulnerability Affects Most Web Servers

by Jonathan Allen on  Jan 03, 2012 10

Security researcher Alexander Klink and Julian Wälde revealed a serious vulnerability that until recently affected the vast majority of web server. The attack only requires a single HTTP request that is specially designed to create hash code collisions in POST form data. When first discovered this attack affected Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, and ASP.NET, but vendors have been working on patches.

Facebook and Heroku Announce Partnership

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Sep 15, 2011

Today, Facebook and Heroku announced an integration between the their respective developer platforms that simplifies the development of Facebook Apps. With just a few clicks, you can select your language and configure which type of App you want to develop (Web Site, Canvas or Page Tab).

Fuel PHP: An MVC Framework

by Jonathan Allen on  Sep 01, 2011 8

The Model-View-Controller pattern is pretty much dominating professional, customer facing website design these days. While single-file scripts and form builder technologies still have a place, MVC seems to strike the right balance for many developers. The Fuel framework for PHP intends to capitalize on the work done by earlier MVC frameworks such as Ruby on Rails.

Improve PHP Performance with Phalanger for .NET and Mono

by Jonathan Allen on  Aug 02, 2011

Phalanger is a PHP compiler for the .NET and Mono runtime. It is currently capable of running popular PHP based applications such as WordPress. With the exception of indirect invocation of static methods, Phalanger now offers across the board performance improvements over PHP.

RightScale Offers a PaaS Based on Zend PHP

by Abel Avram on  Apr 20, 2011

RightScale and Zend have teamed up to offer a PaaS for deploying, managing and running PHP applications in the cloud. Currently available only on Amazon AWS, the PHP Solution Pack will be made available for other cloud providers in the future.

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