The Current Status and Predictions on Cloud Computing from Cloud Leaders

by Abel Avram on  Jun 23, 2011 2

Werner Vogels from Amazon and Satya Nadella from Microsoft talked about the current status of cloud computing, while Lew Tucker from Cisco and Jon Weinman from HP made some predictions on its future at GigaOM Structure Event.

SOA Software Releases Atmosphere: an API Management Portal

by Jeevak Kasarkod on  Jun 17, 2011 3

SOA Software entered the API management portal market with their release of the Atmosphere portal. The Atmosphere platform ensures security, robustness and availability of enterprise APIs over the right range of interface types. In this article we delve into the reason behind the evolution from enterprise SOA and cloud governance to API management and other technical details around the offering.

OpenCompute and OpenStack Span Hardware and Software Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Solutions

by Jeevak Kasarkod on  Apr 17, 2011

A number of announcements around open hardware specifications and open source cloud infrastructure and platform software solutions by collaborators in the OpenStack initiative were made in the past 2 weeks. How does all of them stack up together?

IBM’s Reference Architecture for Creating Cloud Environments [Updated]

by Abel Avram on  Mar 11, 2011 2

IBM has recently submitted the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture 2.0 (CC RA) (.doc) to the Cloud Architecture Project of the Open Group, a document based on “real-world input from many cloud implementations across IBM” meant to provide guidelines for creating a cloud environment.Update: interview with Heather Kreger, one of the authors of Cloud Computing Reference Architecture.

GigaSpaces Announces Upcoming Release of It's Second-Generation Cloud-Enablement Platform

by Jeevak Kasarkod on  Mar 08, 2011

GigaSpaces announced the launch of its Cloud-enabled Application Platform for Enterprise PaaS & ISV SaaS Enablement at CloudConnect on Monday, March 7. InfoQ caught up with the GigaSpaces team to take a closer look.

NIST Cloud Computing Twiki Launched

by James Vastbinder on  Dec 30, 2010

Today NIST began sending users their credentials for their Cloud Computing twiki, of which Kevin Jackson was one of the first to be granted access. The intent of the NIST working group is to promote cloud computing adoption and overcome the current percieved barriers of security, interoperability and portability.

Cloud Computing Trends in 2011

by James Vastbinder on  Dec 27, 2010 2

As the new year is about to begin, research analysts have been peering into their crystal balls the last several months to define the top trends in cloud computing. Cloud Computing has moved from buzzword and hype to the real technology in the last 3 years. What do InfoQ readers think?

Measuring and Comparing the Performance of 5 Cloud Platforms

by Abel Avram on  Jul 23, 2010 4

Bitcurrent and Webmetrics have run a number of tests for a month on 5 different cloud platforms - Amazon, Google, Rackspace,, and Terremark -, attempting to measure the performance of each platform. One of their conclusions is that each platform works better for different application types.

OSGi Enterprise Spec 4.2 released

by Alex Blewitt on  Mar 23, 2010 3

Today, the OSGi Alliance announced the release of the Enterprise OSGi 4.2 specification, along with the corresponding JavaDoc. Read on to find out what's new in the enterprise spec.

SOA in a Nutshell

by Boris Lublinsky on  Feb 03, 2010 2

A new JP Morgenthal’s post “The Busy Executive’s Service Oriented Architecture Reference Guide” is a great starting point for gaining a quick understanding of what SOA is without getting too deep into technology jargon and hype.

Microsoft Closes Down Silverlight Streaming

by Jonathan Allen on  Nov 01, 2009 2

Microsoft has closed its two-year-old hosting service, Silverlight Streaming. Existing videos can still be retrieved for the time being, but new ones can no longer be uploaded. They have also discontinued the related publishing plug-in for Expression Encoder.

NewRelic RPM 2 Adds Java Support for Performance Monitoring

by Werner Schuster on  Oct 19, 2009 1

NewRelic just released RPM 2, the latest version of their performance monitoring software. RPM, which is available as SaaS (Software as a Service) now supports monitoring Java web/JEE applications as well as Ruby on Rails applications. We talked to NewRelic's Lew Cirne about the new release.

Web Services as an Alternative to Copy-Protected Software

by Jonathan Allen on  Aug 06, 2009 1

Microsoft has released an API for generating Tags, their new barcode technology. But unlike most commercial libraries, there are no attempts at copy-protection. Instead, the library is only available as a web service.

Is SOA Still Dead?

by Boris Lublinsky on  May 26, 2009 6

Anne Thomas Manes continues blogging about SOA being dead, citing slowing software spends and SOA software infrastructure sales while other specialists blame the economy and people’s approach to SOA.

Presentation: Building a Large Scale SaaS Application

by Dave West on  May 25, 2009

Dan Hanley, of Magus, discusses design principles, architectures and infrastructure of the SaaS frameworks used by Magus to rapidly develop and deploy large-scale, web-based, applications for clients. Along the way he discusses the components of their technology stack and the evolution of their methodology.

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