When ScrumMaster Becomes the Impediment ...

by Vikas Hazrati on  Dec 16, 2009 3

A ScrumMaster as the name suggests is the guardian of the scrum process. He is a change agent supporting his team and socializing Scrum throughout the organization. He ensures smooth functioning of the team by eradicating impediments and keeping the team shielded from distractions. However, in certain scenarios, Agile teams feel that the Scrum Master is the biggest impediment.

Do We Need an "Agile Team Lead" Role?

by Mike Bria on  Dec 02, 2009 15

Patrick Wilson-Welsh, Chris Beale, Gary Baker, John Huston, Daryl Kulak, and others are attempting to popularize the idea of a new role, the "Agile Team Lead", to supplant many of the existing leadership roles found in and around agile teams.

ScrumMaster Interview Tips

by Shane Hastie on  Jul 13, 2009 6

The ScrumMaster or Iteration Manager is a crucial role on Agile teams, and selecting which organisation/team to work with is important – when considering taking on a new project it’s important to set the environment up for success. This article provides interviewing advice for ScrumMasters considering taking on a project or team.

More on Scrum Certification Test

by Jacky Li on  Mar 23, 2009 1

Mishkin Berteig, a Certified Scrum Trainer, took the Beta CSM Exam on Orlando Scrum Gathering this March, and posted his feedback on Agile Advice.

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