Do We Need an "Agile Team Lead" Role?

by Mike Bria on  Dec 02, 2009 15

Patrick Wilson-Welsh, Chris Beale, Gary Baker, John Huston, Daryl Kulak, and others are attempting to popularize the idea of a new role, the "Agile Team Lead", to supplant many of the existing leadership roles found in and around agile teams.

ScrumMaster Interview Tips

by Shane Hastie on  Jul 13, 2009 6

The ScrumMaster or Iteration Manager is a crucial role on Agile teams, and selecting which organisation/team to work with is important – when considering taking on a new project it’s important to set the environment up for success. This article provides interviewing advice for ScrumMasters considering taking on a project or team.

More on Scrum Certification Test

by Jacky Li on  Mar 23, 2009 1

Mishkin Berteig, a Certified Scrum Trainer, took the Beta CSM Exam on Orlando Scrum Gathering this March, and posted his feedback on Agile Advice.

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