• 5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Agile Engineering Practices Today

    by Debbie Madden on  May 20, 2014 4

    The companies that can best leverage the process of building software are the ones that will succeed in the next decade. Learn how taking advantage of Agile Engineering Practices helps your business achieve this competitive edge. And, learn 5 ways your business can benefit from Agile Engineering Practices today.

  • Beyond Data Mining

    by Tim Menzies on  Dec 06, 2013

    In this article, author talks about the need for a change in the predictive modeling community’s focus and compares the four types of data mining: algorithm mining, landscape mining, decision mining, and discussion mining.

  • A Look At Elemental Design Patterns

    by Jeff Martin on  Jun 07, 2012 3

    Jason McC. Smith speaks with InfoQ regarding his new book, "Elemental Design Patterns", and details his approach to evolving how design patterns are documented.

Fred Brooks on The Design of Design: Interview and Excerpt

Posted by Dave West on  Jun 30, 2010

A review of Frederick P. Brooks' latest book, The Design of Design. Few individuals have had as much influence on the 'practice' of software development, and his newest book adds valuable insights. 10

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