Cloud Computing Is Here to Stay

by Abel Avram on  May 20, 2011 8

Cloud computing has become a major priority for enterprises. 60% of CIOs see it as a priority, after BI, mobility and virtualization, while large enterprises have set aside for it 15% of their budged, according to some studies.

Gartner Open Source Software Survey Reveals OSS Adoption Trends And Initiatives

by Jeevak Kasarkod on  Mar 06, 2011 2

Gartner open source software(OSS) survey reveals higher adoption rate at the cost of proprietary software. It also discloses changing trends in perceived value and widening areas of application in an organization's portfolio.

Simple Tools Preferred in the Agile Tools Space

by Vikas Hazrati on  Sep 07, 2010 2

Agile does not necessarily mandate or recommend the use of tools. Ideally the development could be done on a command line interface with requirements present on index cards. However, in the last few years, several tools have emerged and they have acted as a catalyst to successful Agile development. Migan and Gaia recently conducted a survey to find out the use of such tools in the Agile space.

Slowdown in Virtualization

by Dave West on  Aug 26, 2010 1

A 2010 survey suggests that companies have slowed their efforts to virtualize their data centers. The survey was conducted by InformationWeek and is the second in an annual series. The key finding: almost 20% fewer companies expect to have 25-49% of their servers virtualized by 2011 and almost 10% fewer companies expect to virtualize 50-74% of their servers.

Developer Survey: Challenges and New Technologies

by Dave West on  Aug 24, 2010 2

Embarcadero has released the results of a survey of 600 professional developers conducted in May-June of 2010. The survey focused on identifying the "top developer trends, challenges, key initiatives, and current tools being used. The survey respondents were primarily application developers with the size of the respondents companies primarily from organizations with less that 25 people."

The 2010 State of Agile Development Survey

by Amr Elssamadisy on  Aug 23, 2010

For the last 4 years VersionOne has surveyed the agile community to provide insight into the “State of Agile Development”. At the Agile 2010 conference this year the 5th annual survey was kicked off. The survey attempts to "gauge the value of Agile Development practices", such as the methodology adoption. You can participate in the survey at

State of the Practice - 2010

by Dave West on  Jun 23, 2010 5

A number of leading authors, practitioners, and speakers in the area of software development were asked a series of common questions about the state of software development practice in 2010. The interview took place at the Better Software / Agile West concurrent conferences in June 2010.

'State of Agile' Survey Open

by Chris Sims on  Aug 03, 2009

The fourth annual 'State of Agile' survey is open for public participation. The 6-page survey takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete and participants remain anonymous. Over the past 3 years the survey, sponsored by VersionOne, has gauged how widely agile practices have been adopted, as well as the results obtained.

Results of the Eclipse Community Survey

by Abel Avram on  Jul 03, 2009 2

The Eclipse Foundation has conducted a survey in order to discover statistical details about its members: the OS used while developing, the primary database or the main deployment application server, and other information like the level of satisfaction using Eclipse. Windows is down 10%, Linux up 7%, and Mac OS X up 3.5%.

What Practices Make Up YOUR Agile Development?

by Amr Elssamadisy on  Apr 17, 2009 1

'Agile' is an umbrella term. As the community matures, we are going beyond specific methodologies towards each team and/or organization having a tailored set of practices. Jurgen Appelo is running a survey that could give us insight into the current state of practice.

Top Scripting Languages: PHP, Ruby, Python

by Sebastien Auvray on  Mar 31, 2009 7

Evans Data's published the result of its scripting language survey. PHP, Ruby and Python are the favorite choices of more than 500 developers and IT Professionals. Scripting languages usage in the enterprise has changed with time, the survey outlines the drawbacks and merits of each language.

Survey Says ... SOA Failure?!

by Dilip Krishnan on  Aug 26, 2008 5

Assaf Arkin questions a recent report indicating SOA failures and Joe McKendrick of ZDNet examines the meaning of SOA failure in his article.

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