Interview with Ken Schwaber, Part 2

by Dan Mezick on  Sep 02, 2010

Ken Schwaber is the co-creator of Scrum with Jeff Sutherland. This is Part 2 of a multi-part interview with Ken, covering Scrum credentialing and testing, Scrum coaching, the influence of the Kanban Method for managing complex work, Ken's thoughts on the future of knowledge work, and more.

Unique Software Degree Program Restarted

by Dave West on  Aug 27, 2010 1

A unique university program of education in software and systems design has been restarted at New Mexico Highlands University. The program is based on experiential learning, features apprenticeships, and uses a radically restructured and accelerated curriculum. The program goal: "to produce a community of professionals capable of solving complex, "wicked," problems with computing technology.

Interview with Ken Schwaber, Part1

by Dan Mezick on  Aug 26, 2010 1

Ken Schwaber is the co-creator of Scrum with Jeff Sutherland. He is a signatory of the Agile Manifesto, a founder of the Agile Alliance, and responsible for founding the Scrum Alliance and creating the Certified Scrum Master program. Ken speaks candidly in this interview series.

Reactions to the First Certified Scrum Developer Course

by Vikas Hazrati on  May 25, 2010 24

Dave Nicolette shared his candid feedback about the first official Certified Scrum Developer course, presented on the Lean Dog boat (Cleveland, Ohio) last week by Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson. Though, he mentioned the learnings and advantages of attending the course but his thoughts did manage to re-ignite the debate about the significance of CSD.

The Emerging Dynamics of Certification

by Dan Mezick on  Apr 12, 2010 6

Scrum and agile certification is now very much in focus. The 'certification story' is unfolding to become a major subject of debate in 2010. The story has several facets, with action from the Scrum Alliance, and the community-at-large, including notable bloggers and the Agile Skills Project. At issue is the basic value of certification.

Is the 'C' Word Dividing the Agile Community?

by Vikas Hazrati on  Apr 06, 2010 4

There has been a lot that has been said about Scrum Certifications. Some people like the idea and others oppose it vehemently. Ron Jeffries recently stated that though he has been writing about the good aspects of Scrum Alliance’s Certifications but he is concerned that the 'C' word is keeping away a lot of valuable members of the Agile community.

An Alternative to Certifications

by Mark Levison on  Mar 18, 2010 2

The Agile Skills project is a resource for establishing a baseline of skills that an Agile Developer needs. It provides an evolving repository and a place to start learning about these skills.

Caucho To Support Java EE6 Web Profile in Resin 4.0

by Josh Long on  Feb 19, 2010

Caucho has announced that it will support the Java EE6 Web Profile in the next iteration of their lightweight application server, Resin 4.0. The Java EE6 Web Profile specifies a lighter, modern subset of the full Java EE6 specification, which must contend with backwards compatability.

Scrum/Agile Failings or the Theses of Uncle Bob Martin

by Mark Levison on  Feb 11, 2010 6

In response to a question about the Inherit Shortcomings of Scrum/Agile - Uncle Bob Martin penned (in the spirit of Martin Luther), 7 theses: No Technical Practices, 30 Day Sprints are too long, Scrum Master sometimes turns into Project Manager, Scrum carries an anti-management undercurrent, and others.

Is Scrum Certification Having Another Makeover?

by Vikas Hazrati on  Feb 09, 2010 9

Scrum Certification is one debate that refuses to die down. First, it was about the hollow nature of certification for which there was a comment “Pay the tuition, sit through a couple days of class, and you're in”. Subsequently a new format was devised, which too failed to enthuse the Agilists who were against this certification philosophy. Is there another makeover on the anvil?

Teaching Games - Fun or Serious Business?

by Deborah Hartmann Preuss on  Dec 10, 2009 11

Michael McCullough and Don McGreal, creators of the Tasty Cupcakes teaching games website, have published an article on "Fun Driven Development." The economic downturn hasn't squeezed these games out of our training programs - in fact, they've become a staple where Agilists gather to exchange ideas. Here's a little history and some starting points for using games with your teams.

Software Katas - Practice in Public Makes Perfect

by Cory Foy on  Nov 26, 2009 6

Thought leaders in the agile community are talking about software katas - where one practices specific exercises until they are memorized. Robert Martin has calls them "performance art". Lately there has been an increase in blog posts and sites devoted to katas. The latest addition: weekly screencasts at

The 'Agile Developer Skills Workshop' Is Underway

by Mike Bria on  Oct 14, 2009 4

Having a means to fairly and reliable assess the skills of agile developers has been a hot topic for quite some time. The 'Agile Developer Skills Workshop', led by Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson, is now entering its 2nd day of trying to produce a real solution to the problem.

IASA to Announce New Board-Certified Architect Program at ITARC Architecture Conference in New York

by Michael Bushe on  Oct 09, 2009

International Association of Software Architects (IASA) will bring together thought leaders including Grady Booch, Eric Evans, and Bill Inmon at the IT Architecture Regional Conference (ITARC) in New York next week. The non-profit IASA is launching two new Certified IT Architect (CITA) programs at the conference, including CITA-Professional a board reviewed program.

Ruby DCamp is Challenging the Economy

by Robert Bazinet on  Sep 02, 2009

The slowdown in our economy has not only effected jobs but also other things developers take for granted such as attending conferences. Conference organizers are trying to up come with creative ways to attract attendees. One such conference is Ruby DCamp being held September 18-19, 2009 in Washington, D.C.

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