• Nobody Needs Reliable Messaging

    by Marc de Graauw on  Jun 18, 2010 32

    Marc de Graauw challenges the notion that transport-level reliability mechanisms like WS-ReliableMessaging are needed, showing how business-specific logic for in-order and exactly-once processing do the job much better with examples from Dutch Healthcare's SOA.

  • A Discussion with Allard Buijze on CQRS with the Axon framework

    by Josh Long on  Mar 24, 2010 9

    The Axon framework is a Java implementation of the Command and Query Responsibility Segregation. InfoQ talked with its creator, Allard Buijze, to find out more.

  • Eight Isolation Levels Every Web Developer Should Know

    by James Leigh on  Mar 15, 2009

    In this article, James Leigh takes a look at eight different isolation levels that can be utilized within a web application, and explores the pros and cons of each level of isolation, ranging from read uncommitted to serializable consistency - the interactions between transactions at different isolation levels is also looked at.

Addressing Doubts about REST

Posted by Stefan Tilkov on  Mar 13, 2008

In this article, Stefan Tilkov addresses 10 of the most common doubts people have about REST when they start exploring it, especially if they have a strong background in SOAP/WSDL-based Web services. 36

Spring 2.0: What's New and Why it Matters

Posted by Rod Johnson on  Jan 15, 2007

Rod Johnson provides the definitive guide to Spring 2.0 enhancements to the core container, XML configuration extensions, AOP enhancements and Java 5-specific features. 4

An Update on Spring 2.0 Final

Posted by Floyd Marinescu on  Sep 05, 2006

An update from the Spring team on Spring 2's delay to late Sept to improve JMS, JPA, and integrate with OSGi. 5

A History of Extended Transactions

Posted by Mark Little on  May 10, 2006

ACID transactions don't work for long-lived use cases. This article documents historic approaches toward extended transactions and why WS-TX & WS-CAF may finally hold the answer. 6

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