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  • Real-Time Java for the Enterprise

    by Simon Ritter on  Mar 10, 2008 3

    Simon Ritter explains the vision and capabilities of the Real-Time Java specification (RTSJ), if your Java app really, really must respond within a certain time regardless of what the garbage collector does, RTSJ is now a possibility rather than a probability.

  • The Box: A Shortcut to finding Performance Bottlenecks

    by Kirk Pepperdine on  Sep 21, 2007 6

    Finding performance bottlenecks can be a difficult task and it can get even more difficult as our applications grow in size. The Box is a methodology tool that focuses us efforts to improve performance.If you want to be consistent and predictable, getting rid of the guessing is a must.

  • Introduction to OpenTerracotta

    by Orion Letizi on  Feb 12, 2007 10

    OpenTerracotta is an open source enterprise-class JVM clustering solution that can take multi-threaded single-JVM apps and have them run across multiple JVMs with no code changes. Orion Letizi goes super-indepth on Terracotta and how it works, explaining how to do session replication, distributed caching, master/worker, and more.

In-process Interoperability

Posted by Ted Neward on  Jan 29, 2007

Using both the JVM and the CLR inside the same operating system process is a relatively trivial matter, since any process is capable of loading just about any shared library. Ted Neward shows how. 2

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