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  • More Than Just Spin (Up) : Virtualization for the Enterprise and SaaS

    by Matthew Porter on  Aug 31, 2008 1

    Cloud services, such as Amazon EC2, have helped bring virtualization to the forefront of the IT conversation. Its full power however, also includes benefits such as high availability, disaster recovery, and rapid application provisioning. In this article, Contegix CEO Matthew Porter, discusses how virtualization can be used to bring these benefits to enterprise and Saas deployments.

  • Exploring LISP on the JVM

    by Per Jacobsson on  Jul 10, 2008 12

    One of the most exciting things in the Java world right now is the work being done to get other programming languages to run on the virtual machine. There is a lot of buzz around JRuby, Groovy, Scala, and the JavaScript engine Rhino. But why stop there? If you really want to take a step outside the mainstream and dive into something completely different from Java, Lisp is a great option.

  • Do Java 6 threading optimizations actually work? - Part II

    by Jeroen Borgers on  Jun 27, 2008 3

    Features like biased locking, lock coarsening, lock elision by escape analysis and adaptive spin locking are all designed to increase concurrency by allowing more effective sharing amongst application threads. But do they actually work? In this two part article, Jeroen Borgers explores these features and attempt to answer the performance question with the aid of a single threaded benchmark.

Do Java 6 threading optimizations actually work?

Posted by Jeroen Borgers on  Jun 18, 2008

Jeroen Borgers examines if biased locking, lock coarsening, lock elision by escape analysis and adaptive spin locking techniques in the latest JVMs actually work in highly-concurrent apps. 16

Real-Time Java for the Enterprise

Posted by Simon Ritter on  Mar 10, 2008

Simon Ritter explains the vision and capabilities of the Real-Time Java specification (RTSJ), which will bring guaranteed response times regardless of GC. 3

The Box: A Shortcut to finding Performance Bottlenecks

Posted by Kirk Pepperdine on  Sep 21, 2007

Finding performance bottlenecks can be a difficult task and it can get more difficult as our applications grow in size. The Box is a methodology tool that focuses us efforts to improve performance. 6

Introduction to OpenTerracotta

Posted by Orion Letizi on  Feb 12, 2007

Orion Letizi goes in-depth on OpenTerracotta, an open-source JVM-level clustering solution that can cluster single-jvm apps with no code changes. 10

In-process Interoperability

Posted by Ted Neward on  Jan 29, 2007

Using both the JVM and the CLR inside the same operating system process is a relatively trivial matter, since any process is capable of loading just about any shared library. Ted Neward shows how. 2

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