Top Ten Reasons to Love Agile Testing

by Mark Levison on  Jun 03, 2009 1

What are the top ten reasons that Tester's love Agile Testing? Kay Johansen recently asked this question and got responses from many of the leading testers.

WatiN: Web Application Testing in .NET

by Al Tenhundfeld on  Feb 18, 2009 2

WatiN is an open-source library for automating web browsers using .NET. WatiN facilitates automated testing of web applications through browser interaction. The recently released WatiN 2.0 CTP3 allows testing through Internet Explorer and FireFox.

Example Driven Acceptance Testing

by Vikas Hazrati on  Jan 21, 2009 2

Unit and Integration testing often get more importance in Agile teams as compared to acceptance testing. Gojko Adzic and Lisa Crispin suggest approaches to efficiently include acceptance tests as a part of development.

A Journeyman's Pair Programming Tour

by Mike Bria on  Dec 18, 2008

Corey Haines has embarked on a unique personal "Pair Programming Tour". Now three weeks into this innovative journey, Haines has posted video interviews revealing many of the unique insights he's gained about pairing, automated testing, and the evolution of a software craftsman while sharing the keyboard at the home-bases of Dave Chelimsky, Brian Marick, Uncle Bob Martin, and others.

Second Functional Test Workshop Results

by Mark Levison on  Aug 05, 2008 2

The second Agile Alliance Functional Test Workshop was held as a pre-conference session before Agile 2008. It was run as a series of open space sessions facilitated by Jeff Paton. The primary purpose of this workshop was to discuss cutting-edge advancements in and envision possibilities for the future of automated functional testing tools.

Functional Test Workshop from the Agile Alliance

by Mark Levison on  Jul 24, 2008

The second Agile Alliance Functional Testing Tools Workshop is being held the day before Agile 2008 (Monday August 4). This is the second workshop being held this year and its goal is “advance the state of the art of automated functional testing tools used by Agile teams to automate customer-facing tests”.

FIT/Fitnesse Fixture Gallery 2.0 Released

by Abel Avram on  Jun 18, 2008

Gojko's Fixture Gallery is a cookbook for FIT/Fitnesse fixtures and version 2.0 has been released with Java, C# and Python code samples.

Fixture Gallery, a New Quick Reference For FitNesse How-To

by Mike Bria on  Mar 28, 2008

Fixture Gallery is a new open doc cookbook by Gojko Adzic for FIT/FitNesse tests. It provides developers with a quick overview of the most important fixture types and concepts for agile acceptance testing using the FIT framework.

White: A New Windows UI Developer Testing Framework

by Jay Flowers on  Feb 20, 2008 2

The White project is an automated testing framework for Win32, WinForm, WPF and SWT (java) applications. Use it in combination with your favorit xUnit framework just like WatiN to perform user acceptance testing.

Communicating with Business Using FIT and FitNesse

by Geoffrey Wiseman on  Nov 21, 2007

Although both FIT and FitNesse are used for performing integration and acceptance testing on agile projects, people have tried to use these for general-purpose testing, with mixed results. Others have suggested that FIT should be used for tests where communicating with the business, or with a customer, is of paramount importance. Naresh Jain and James Shore have shared their experiences.

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