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Amethyst, a Flex IDE for Microsoft Visual Studio Released

by Dio Synodinos on  Sep 01, 2010

Amethyst is a fully-featured Visual Studio IDE for the Adobe Flash Platform. It supports the drag-and-drop design, editing and debugging of Flex and AIR applications and it can also load Flash IDE projects for editing and debugging.

Will HTML5 be Secure Enough?

by Jean-Jacques Dubray on  Aug 24, 2010 2

Joab Jackson wrote an article detailing some of the potential vulnerabilities of the HTML5 standard set. Will security be the Achilles' heel of HTML5?

MyEclipse for Spring 8.6 Released with Flex, GWT and iPhone Scaffolding

by Dio Synodinos on  Aug 10, 2010

Genuitec and Skyway Software have announced the release of MyEclipse for Spring 8.6. The latest release includes accelerators for Spring Core, Adobe Flex, Spring MVC, GWT, Spring Web Flow and iPhone Web applications. The release also introduces a new set of Spring development editors, Code Assistants, that facilitate the annotation-based development of Spring and JAX-WS artifacts.

Adobe Acquires Java ECM Vendor Day Software

by Tim Cull on  Aug 09, 2010

Last week Adobe Systems announced it was purchasing Day Software for $240 million. The deal combines Day’s JSR-170/238 based content management and digital asset management products with Adobe’s Flex, Flash and AIR in a move to corner the web content market. In addition to being a lead company for the JSR-170/238 specifications, Day also contributes to Apache Jackrabbit and Sling.

Building RESTful services with Flash

by Mark Little on  Jul 31, 2010 4

In a recent blog posting the RESTful credentials of Adobe's Flash are called into question. Duane Nickull, one of the main authors behind the OASIS SOA Reference Architecture and Adobe evangelist, responds by illustrating why the core principles behind SOA and REST are well supported within Flash.

SourceMate 1.1 for Adobe’s Flash Builder 4 Released

by Dio Synodinos on  Jul 22, 2010 2

SourceMate is a companion tool for Flash and Flex developers that adds support for code generation, refactoring, code templates, metadata tags and more. Release 1.1 features improvements like customization of the code that SourceMate generates and improved stack traces.

Adobe Released Puppet Recipes for Hadoop

by Michael Prokop on  Jul 01, 2010

Recently Adobe released Puppet recipes that they are using to automate Hadoop/HBase deployments to the community. InfoQ spoke with Luke Kanies, founder of PuppetLabs, to learn more about what this means.

Greystripe Transcodes ActionScript Bytecode to HTML 5, making Flash Ads Available on the iPhone/iPad

by Dio Synodinos on  Jun 10, 2010

Greystripe has announced that they are collaborating with Adobe to provide rich media, interactive ad solutions across Android, iPhone, iPad and other mobile web platforms. Part of their offering will involve a technology that will convert Flash ads to HTML 5 that target mobile devices like the iPhone, where the Flash plugin is not available.

Flex SDK and Flash Builder 4: An In-Depth Interview with Andrew Shorten

by Ryan Slobojan on  Apr 21, 2010

Recently, Adobe announced the release of the Flex 4 SDK along with Flash Builder 4, which was formerly known as Flex Builder 3. InfoQ spoke with Andrew Shorten, Senior Product Manager at Adobe, to learn more about these releases, how they fit into the overall Flash platform, and what to expect in the future.

Reactions and Consequences of the iPhone Developer License Change

by Abel Avram on  Apr 12, 2010 9

There is a report saying that Apple has changed the iPhone Developer License to prohibit applications written in other languages than Objective-C, C or C++ or accessing the API “through an intermediary translation or compatibility layer or tool”. Reactions abound and this change is likely to have rippling effects across the industry.

Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder 4 Released

by David Paniz on  Mar 30, 2010 1

After many months in beta, the Adobe Flex developer team has released the final version of the Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder 4 (formerly Flex Builder). While the Flex SDK is available for all platforms, Flash Builder 4 is currently only supported on Windows and Mac OS X. The Flex SDK is free to download and use without cost, while Flash Builder is available on a trial basis and requires purchase.

A Flash SEO Tool

by Moxie Zhang on  Mar 04, 2010

You cannot avoid the issue of search engine optimization (SEO) when developing an Adobe Flash-based Flex rich Internet application (RIA) or Flash Website. Fortunately, the Flash SEO Tool has been designed to help.

Adobe Flex: How have the Latest Developments Affected its Momentum for Enterprise Adoption?

by Dio Synodinos on  Feb 19, 2010 4

The Adobe Flex ecosystem has experienced significant growth in the last years, with a plethora of community driven projects and deployments. Never the less, in the last few months there have been several developments like its exclusion from the iPad platform, community reactions about long lasting bugs and more, that have led to questions about its future viability.

On The Future of Flash

by Moxie Zhang on  Feb 10, 2010 5

The recent release of the Apple iPad, which does not support Flash, and Steve Jobs’s comments on Adobe Flash have triggered a new round of discussion on the future of Flash. A few well-known leaders in the field of rich interactive experience have joined the discussion.

Adobe Apologizes for Long Lasting Flash Crash Bug

by Dio Synodinos on  Feb 09, 2010 5

Emmy Huang Product Manager for Adobe Flash Player has apologized publicly about a Flash bug that resulted in browser crash, that although has been reported 17 months ago, no patch has been released for the production version of Flash player yet.

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