• Interview with Tiago Garcez about Why Agile?

    by Ben Linders on  Oct 10, 2013

    “Would you recommend Agile in every situation?” The answer from Tiago Garcez on this question is “Yes!”. But sometimes people are unsure what agile means and what an organization can do to become agile? Tiago talked at Agile Tour Brussels about why agile is better suited to the challenges that companies are facing, the value that agile can deliver, and how you can start an agile transition.

  • Creating a Culture of Learning and Innovation

    by Jeff Plummer on  Oct 01, 2013 4

    Jeff introduces some of the steps the employees of a large engineering corporation took to begin building a culture of innovation by fostering continuous learning in the workplace. In an environment where engineering tended to wait for business direction and execute to that direction, they are now seeing engineering selling the business on new directions to explore.

  • Better Agile Adoptions

    by Dan Mezick on  Sep 21, 2013

    Agile adoption is struggling - organisations mandate agile practices expecting teams to change their way of working but the changes don't seem to be sustainable. This is the first in a series of articles which examine why this is happening and suggest an alternate approach - Open Agile adoption based on invitation and engagement rather than mandate and instruction from above.

Kanban - Isn’t It Just Common Sense?

Posted by Karl Scotland on  Sep 09, 2013

The Kanban Thinking model includes 5 kanban heuristics that encapsulate the key areas to focus upon, along with 3 impacts that encapsulate the areas of improvement. 1

Ten ‘Take Aways’ from the Reifer “Quantitative Analysis of Agile Methods” Study

Posted by Donald J. Reifer on  Aug 12, 2013

Reifer Consultants LLC recently published a report that compares productivity, cost, duration and quality of agile vs traditional, plan-driven projects. This article summarizes the results.

The Corporate Agile Journey – A Practical Viewpoint

Posted by Ian Evans on  Jul 05, 2013

Large organisations wishing to benefit from greater agility can establish a compelling roadmap building on existing pockets of best practice and overcoming various cultural and other obstacles. 2

What Managers Can Do To Support Agile Transformation

Posted by Nancy Y. Nee on  Jun 10, 2013

Agile requires a collaborative culture. To ensure a smooth transition to Agile, organisations need to consider a variety of factors such as servant leadership and the ability to embrace change. 1

Interview with Capers Jones on Measuring for Agile Adoption

Posted by Ben Linders on  May 30, 2013

Capers Jones shows how you can measure productivity and quality, and looks at agile practices that have proved to be beneficial for teams. 1

Interview with Jason Little about Agile Transformation

Posted by Ben Linders on  Apr 29, 2013

Organizational change coach Jason Little talks about approaches for organizational change, culture, feedback and learning, and using the lean startup approach.

Interview with Michael Azoff from Ovum about How To Create the Agile Enterprise

Posted by Ben Linders on  Apr 10, 2013

Large enterprises face challenges in innovation, budgeting, and transformation to agile. Principal analyst Michael Azoff explains Ovum’s view on creating an agile enterprise.

The Real Question is Why?

Posted by Gordon Weir and Russ Miles on  Apr 08, 2013

The Agile movement has driven a revolutionary change in the way we build and deliver software solutions. The challenge today is building the right solution. The author challenges us to ask Why. 2

Bridging the Management Gap

Posted by Tiago Garcez on  Apr 01, 2013

Resistance from management is recognized as a bottleneck in agile adoption. When will we reach the tipping point where organizations unshackle themselves from the limitations of command & control? 3

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